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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 23, 2020 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again tomorrow. ♪ pete: look at that sky. don't keep the camera on us. sing in. jedediah bila, will cain. can you name. colors of the sky? will: purple, orange, pink. i can name all kind of colors. here is what i want to say about that picture. sunsets are universally appreciated. sunrises do not get enough credit. that, my friend, beautiful.
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jedediah: that is true. i felt like you couldn't see a good sunrise or sunset in places like new york. i always had to go to florida for that. doing on this show we show a lot of cool scenes that happen real early in the morning. you have to be grateful. a great start. great to see both of you today. i hope you guys have your seatbelts fastened. this is going to be a wild week. the rnc kicking off tomorrow. president trump is traveling to charlotte as previews a positive message. there was lot of talk about the dnc being a little gloomy, being depressing. they were trying to tap into a sentiment of empathy. but lots of themes were missing. what is the rnc going to look like? let's take a sneak-peek. the theme is honoring the great american story. tomorrow, land of heroes, tuesday land of promise, wednesday, land of opportunity and thursday, land of greatness. the expectation there will be
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some tribute paid to the values that built this country. they will acknowledge some turmoil going on, some of the rioting going on. some of the pain people felt with covid-19 and also present the positive message what we can do moving forward. some sort of uplifting message that can get people better tan where they are today. pete: the president will travel to locations. you will see him on locations to multiple times. contrasting biden who never went to milwaukee. a couple of the producers of "the apprentice are part of this production maybe a little added tv value. here is word you might hear you didn't hear last week. borders, sovereignty, capitalism, communist china, censorship, law and order, god, the right to bear arms. you might hear about 1776, not 1619. you will see a massive contrast,
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will the way america, the promise, heroes are honored and celebrated this week versus darkness and light last week. will: right or left, republican or democrat, i think one of the great lessons of president trump's win in 2016, people are attracted to optimism. people are attracted to strength. they're attracted to winners. i would imagine, i would hope, jed, as you point out, this week is reaffirmmation of who america is, our values, our founding values. they reflect that optimism. that equality. that strength. i would hope. i would expect the republican national convention will live up to those kind of standards. president trump by the way i believe expects this same kind of thing this is what he had to say on "the next revolution." >> you just had the democrat convention. you're up next week. a lot of the commentary on the democrat convention it was very negative. president trump: right. it was dark. >> attacking trump, donald trump trump.
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president trump: trump i agree. >> what will we see? president trump: something that is uplifting and positive as we would like it to be. you have to defend yourself talking about the some of the lies, social security, i don't think he knows too much about social security. will: catch more of that interview on "the next revolution" later today on fox news. turning to a fox news alert, breaking overnight, anti-police riots, clashing with officers in denver. riders smashing windows, setting fires in the streets, throwing rocks at and fireworks at officers outside of police headquarters. [shouting] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] will: they tried tearing down a fence at the state capitol building. nine people are arrested. one officer was hurt. similar scene in portland as protesters torched an american flag, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers. the portland truck driver
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attacked by an angry mob, slamming rioters on fox news. >> i thought they were trying to fight was this kind of behavior towards them but they're exhibiting the same behavior that they're trying to stop. will: police arrested the suspect in adam haner's attack. he is charged with assault and rioting, pete. pete: one of those earlier videos showed a quizno's window. this is not any rationality or usefulness, whatsoever. sheer criminality on the streets of america. there is your quizno's, maybe he didn't like his six-inch sub. ultimately goes on night after night after night. one target, the american flag being burned. the target of protesters are police themselves, the police precinct, government buildings. this is an antigovernment movement from the, from the
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left, not condemned by the left. and jed, we had a whole convention last week. people are seeing these images. it is not just portland. it is not just denver. it wasn't just minneapolis. they have a problem in the subways here in new york because the every window is being destroyed. i don't know how the voters go to the ballot box recognizing one party isn't even talking about it. jedediah: protesters in denver, much like protesters, rioters, let's be honest what they are doing. they are upset. police are not defunded. in denver a bill was vetoed. they were upset, a bill calling for a peace force to replace the police. what does that even mean, a police force? do these people live in some sort of bizarre utopia where criminals will abide by a peace force that arrives at your door when someone is about to break in or commit a heinous crime
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against you or your family? it is bizarre. people around the country are concerned about extremist measures. no one wants violence to overtake their city, no one sane. no one wants businesses destroyed or flee for the safety, protection of themselves. who is running the cities? who are the mayors? what parties are affiliated with them. make a decision not only what they want in the national election. we talk about the national election over time. but local elections will come into play very seriously here. you elect people that need to be govern in times of turmoil and distress like we're seeing right now. one person who weighed in on that is rudy giuliani. who we all know took new york city was a very bad place when it came to crime, to a very good one. weighed in on biden. weighed in on the democrats ignoring violence at the dnc and more on on "justice."
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>> if you look at seattle washington, portland, oregon, seattle, washington, if you vote for biden, that will be you, i don't care if you're a city or suburb. the tendency about crime, you don't control it, you enable it, it goes out of control. 98 days of continuous rioting in portland. they are paying no attention. seattle, paying no attention. 20 murder as weekend in chicago. talking about all democrat cities now, he paid no attention. this big party came to a big convention, they are cities are going up in flames and they ignore it. will: you know, jed, pete, i think it's a very worthy conversation to have about what is the electoral effect? what will happen in the election when it comes to these riots? how will it affect who we vote for president. that is not the question i have today. very worthy question i have,
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what is the end goal of these riots, what do they hope to accomplish at the end of violence. just a viewers, going on 87 days i have this morning, when does it end? how does it end? it cannot go on like this. as giuliani talked about we're approaching 90 days. it has to end. pete: does it end on election day? does it end when their guy wins? does it end when the election system meets their grievances when they think america is bad country. leftist, violence, instability is useful to them because they think they can fill that vacuum. we'll see jed, if we answer the question where it ends. jedediah: it ends when it becomes so bad those mayors are forced to do something. i don't know what that means though. you see cities going up in flames. i don't know what their limit actually is. it is pretty distressing they
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haven't done something already. there is backlash against federal involvement. this should be addressed by local officials. if they don't do the job what do you do with federal buildings being destroyed. this is time starting to resemble a bad movie you're starting to be in. will: i hope we don't have a national tragedy, it doesn't have to be so bad it is undeniable. pete: you wonder where you get a to david dinkins moment when citizens say i want quality of life panned basic law and order? we shall see. we have few additional'd hundreds line you had looking this one. the house passed a meaningless bill to send $25 billion to the u.s. postal office. they banned operational changes that slowed down actions that. the bill is not expected to pass the senate and the white house
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threatens a veto. now to extreme weather. the gulf coast bracing for impact from tropical storms laura and marco. the two could hit the u.s. as your hurricanes within 24 hours that hasn't happened since 1933. [wind noise] laura hitting puerto rico with winds up to 70 miles an hour. the storm leaving thousands in the dark. president trump issuing a emergency declaration for the island. marco hitting mexico with strong winds. expected to make landfall in louisiana tomorrow. today president trump set to announce a major therapeutic breakthrough in the fight against covid-19. details of the break-through remain unclear. the president has a news conference scheduled for 6:00 p.m. eastern. watch the fox news channel. there are more than five million covid-19 cases in the u.s.
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176,000 covid related deaths. >> you may be scared of the rainbow after getting a taste of these halloween skittles are coming back this year. the candy debuted last year t will have special rotten zombie flavors. you won't know which one will taste bad because they will look the same as normal skittles. will: i've done that. done that with jellybeans. have you not had the surprise jellybean, you open up, it is rotten egg, whatever it may be? it is not pleasant jed. it is not pleasant at all. jedediah: i like it. i like a little thrill in the game. will: a little skittles russian roulette. pete: looking for a thrill in your life from a bag of skit kills might look for something else. will: still ahead, new york may bill de blasio admits there is no game machine to bring back indoor dining. fed up business owners may even sue. we'll talk to a restaurant owner who is considering legal action.
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♪the troubles are all the same♪ ♪you want to be where everybody knows your name♪ applebee's. all your favorite burgers, all just $8.99. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. >> indoor dining, there is not a plan. there is not a context for indoor dining. we're never saying it is possible. we do not believe based on what we've seen around the world do not have a plan for opening indoor dining in the near term. jedediah: you heard that right. new york city mayor bill de blasio saying he has no plans to resume indoor dining infuriating business owners in the five boroughs. a group of 100 restaurant owners banded together, they plan to launch a class-action lawsuit against the continued restrictions.
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other next guest is part of the group. welcome to the show. it is wonderful to have you here. i actually know your restaurants and they have amazing food. people should absolutely check them out. what is your reaction to bill de blasio turning around saying, guess what i don't have a plan for all of you when it comes to indoor dining? >> first of all, good morning. thank you for having me. i just heard your recording of bill de blasio and it's, it's scary to say the least. all of us to hear that. he also mentioned to go along with that conversation he also said that restaurants will not open their doors until there is a vaccine. that is the probably the worst thing that a mayor could say. jedediah: right. we don't know when that is going to be actually, when that vaccine will actually emerge. for someone like you sitting there, means what exactly.
3:18 am
what is impact on your business for the shutdowns? i don't know if you have outdoor seating and can accommodate that. fill us in when that is means financially and otherwise. >> when we were shut down, we were doing deliveries and pickup. that is hard thing to adjust your restaurant to do that we were not that type of restaurant first of all like many of us. we were working 20% of our usual revenue would have been. i've been lucky. we've been lucky. we're in staten island, we have more outdoor space than most, manhattan got hit a lot harder because of all those issues. i have outdoors. it is doing okay. obviously you know, compared to what we had, happy that cuomo and de blasio have given us that. we're working i say 60, to 70% at best. some more, some less. but that is where we're at.
3:19 am
but the scary part is when, de blasio saying, not opening up until there was a vaccine. nobody knows there is going to be a vaccine. there is speculation. end of the year, beginning of the year, what have you, cuomo saying there is no plan and we're going to reshut you down coming the fall. they shut us down coming in the fall. jedediah: that is the fear, right? that is the fear, that you are going to have openings, closings, openings, closings, which is hard to sustain in the restaurant. the weather will change t will get colder. these outdoor capacities will change with it. i want to ask you about the lawsuit. you are deciding right now whether to take part in this lawsuit. tell us about your feelings on that? >> look, i am just part of like you said the lawsuit. a bunch of us got together over the course of time. there is a lot of unity within the restaurant owners to share
3:20 am
information and so forth. obviously that came out once we heard, the administration, de blasio, cuomo stating what they said, they're not thinking of reopening us. they might shut us down again. it will devastate us. we will not survive the year for sure, if that happens, very few of us will survive that. we barely survived march, april, may, now we're surviving the outdoor. the only resort, would get all together, band as many restaurants as possible, now we're 100, trying to build up more and put together some kind of a lawsuit. look, we don't want to go that route obviously. jedediah: yeah. i don't want to cut you off. this is a great segment. we're just running out of time but i want to urge everyone check out the richmond restaurants in staten island is great. this staten island italian can vouch for the food. we want to wish you best of
3:21 am
luck. we know the business struggled. we hope times will get better. we'll follow the story with the lawsuit. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. jedediah: absolutely. coming up democrats facing backlash after leaving out under god from pledge of allegiance during caucus meetings. >> one nation indivisible, under one nation for justice for you will. >> one nation indivisible with liberty. jedediah: pastor robert jeffress joins us to discuss that next. ♪ >> tech: at safelite, we're committed to taking care of you and your car. >> tech: we'll fix it right with no-contact service you can trust. >> tech: so if you have auto glass damage, stay safe with safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪. >> denny hamlin will once again see the checkered flag. he wins at the monster mile. will: back with quick headlines, nascar driver denny hamlin getting his sixth win of the season. he passed martin true ex-, jr., taking the lead with nine laps to go winning the cup race. calling them the slam-diego padres. hitting the sixth grand slam in six games. >> reddick at the wall. this is grand slam-diego, another grand slam!. will: the shortstop jake conoworth knocking it out of the park. the padres win 13-2. over to you, pete. pete: the democrats facing
3:26 am
backlash leaving out under god at caucus meetings before the dnc broadcast. >> pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, to the republic which it stands, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pete: ah. two specific caucuses omitted under god while the pledge was recited in full during the main sessions. but as joe biden has his sights set on faith based voters he thinks he does, does the party really believe? joining us senior pastor at dallas first baptist church, pastor robert jeffress. thanks for being here. it is clearly intentional what is being done in the caucus meeting. sure they say it elsewhere. this isn't the first instance. >> no, it is not, pete. one more i will illustration the
3:27 am
god problem democrats for years. in 2012 they tried to remove god from the platform. they worked to remove god from public oaths of office. you saw this last week. all week, pete, they struggled to talk about faith in god for a reason. i mean they want to win some of the faith voters but they don't want to offend their secular audience. they talk about faith in some general, undefined way. oh, his faith is so important to him. oh, his faith helped him in troubled times but they never say faith in what. are they talking about faith in themselves? faith in other people? faith in the easter bunny? they don't want to talk about faith in god. when they do, it highlights how in opposition they are in their embrace of the barbaric practice of unrestricted abortion. how opposed that is to the god of the bible, the teaching of scripture and even the catholic church of which joe biden is apart of. so they won't talk about faith in god.
3:28 am
i don't think most voters are going to be fooled by this faith charade they saw on parade last week at the democrat convention. pete: pastor, what did god do wrong? >> what did -- pete: what did god do wrong? why won't they include it? >> i tell you what god did wrong. god did not conform himself and teaches to the planned parenthood platform, which is the platform of the democrat party. somebody said one time, pete, god created man in his own image and ever since that time has tried to return the compliment. god will not be made in man's image. he certainly is not made in the democrat as image. pete: the big contrast with the rnc you will sustained the president's acceptance speech at the white house this week. very cool. what do you expect to hear? >> well i believe the president is going to be optimistic he recounts the accomplishments
3:29 am
over the last four years, building, now rebuilding that historic economy. i think pointing to the 200 conservative judges have been appointed to the courts. the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty agenda in history. pete, i think he will paint a stark picture what life under joe biden will be like. the lawlessness you talked about in portland and new york, are a preview of coming attractions. i hope he will highlight, how biden-harris, or harris biden ticket will be the most pro-abortion, anti-liberty ticket in history. i had a member of my church who is not political, text me after four-days watching the democrats, i'm convinced with joe biden is elected we won't recognize america in four years. i think most americans feel that way. certainly most conservative christians and i believe that is why they are going to turn out in record number to reelect president trump.
3:30 am
pete: pastor jeffress, thanks so much. have a good service. it is sunday. >> appreciate it,. pete: pete house passing 25 billion-dollar sunday bill for the postal service during a rare saturday sham session. congressman doug collins he says nancy pelosi, she is manufacturing a crisis. we're here next. ♪ ♪ book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at
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♪. >> mine question would be to the speaker why is she here on a saturday talking about a slimmed down version of the postal service? is she saying the postal service is more important than unemployed americans? is she saying that the postal service is more important than help to small businesses? is she saying that the postal service is more important than sending payments to people? she is here doing a slimmed down version, very slimmed down version of a negotiation that took place a few weeks ago when we made the 10 billion-dollar offer for postal. it doesn't seem to correspond with the action that is being taken. jedediah: that was mark meadows weighing in on this bailout bill we see unfolding. a lot of controversy surrounding
3:35 am
the post office right now. we'll bring in georgia gop congressman doug collins a member of the house judiciary as well. congressman, welcome to the show as always. want to get your take what happened in the house with respect to this vote. what was it really all about? >> it was a mr. bit call theater. political theater. that is all it was. speaker pelosi trying to extend the national convention one more day to take more headlines, to get a hit at the p. to make a case there is vast conspiracy out in the pose sal it was. postal service is solvent until august next year. they highlighted states who were trying to get too close to an election, counted their votes, putting a time too short to actually get the votes in. but the real reason here they simply, this is, i have said this before, this is democratic voter suppression. they're trying to make people scared to vote. speaker pelosi said it. you don't need to take your life
3:36 am
into your own hands to go vote. that is so false a narrative it needs to be put out there. this is nothing more than political theater. basically speaker pelosi putting a political statement over the american people in this crisis right now. will: congressman, i'm glad you bring up political theater. i have questions about appearances. this story gets more and more complicated this is reminiscent of the russia story that drove the news cycle for years. i had to do a lot of research, bearing into the details. there is plenty of cash for the postal service. there seems to be plenty of capacity. mail parcels are way down. my question is about appearances. there has been a slow down in mail service since july. apparently consumers have noticed it. admitted by the post office. the postmaster general said he wants to put off any of this streamlining until after the election to avoid the appearance much any improprieties. how do you explain the way this is coming off to a lot of americans? >> well, explain it -- by the way welcome to your new place at
3:37 am
fox. good to have you. will: tou so much. >> really, i'm glad you hit it because there has been two narratives here. i've been at the forefront of this fake russia narrative and whole impeachment sham we've been dealing with for a long time. the real issues at the department of justice. there is correlation here. the democrats are coming up discussing this. the postmaster general did what i think is right. unfortunately i say this many times, perception is reality to people. perception generated by the democrats there was this massive collusion among the postmaster and general to throw the election. the reality is, during the virus you have folks, mail system is working but you also have the normal outside cycles with people not being in work and post office doing the best it can. they're doing a good job of getting delivered to the people that need it that is the concern as we're coming into this. there is nothing being taken off-line. go deeper here. they're talking about taking sorting machines off-line. taking mailboxes and moving
3:38 am
them. some pictures used by mailboxes stand alone mailboxes taken off-line were years ago and they were reusing them now to show something happening now this is deeper process we have to look into it. november 3rd will be the election. people will be allowed to go vote. they have a chance to say what they want for the country. i think we need to take fear out of it. they're using postal service like the russia impeachment to get to this president. pete: absolutely. preview of the rnc. joe biden said it is a battle for the soul of america. what do you expect the core message to be this week? >> i think last week we saw joe biden's message was a sunset speech. he sees america in the sunset of its greatness where i believe president trump sees it in the sunrise of the greaters in. he will talk about the "land of heroes," a "land of opportunity," a land of hope. a "land of greatness." we can overcome the virus and
3:39 am
greatness in this world. we focus on what can be done, not what the democrats saw is a land of disopportunity. we'll see a "land of opportunity". president, rnc will put that out in our convention. jedediah: we look forward to see what the rnc has for us. congressman doug collins, thanks for joining us as always. >> great to be here. take care. jedediah: we'll turn now to some headlines for you now. an off-duty fire sergeant dies after saving young girls from drowning. police say steven johnson 10-year-old daughter called 911 when he never came back to shore after rescuing the girls. crews found his body after a six hour search. divers believe a rip current dragged him underwater. johnson served the detroit fire department for 26 years. the dallas salon owner jailed for opening her shop during lockdown is running for office. >> someone doesn't have to tell you they will stand up and go to
3:40 am
jail for you. [cheers and applause] i will do it because i will fight to keep our values. jedediah: shelley luther announcing her run for a texas senate seat at a back the blue rally. luther made national headlines this year after defying state coronavirus orders by reopening her shop. a london bridge is not falling down because it got stuck. the famous crossing could not close after letting a ship pass through. traffic was stalled for an hour while engineers worked to fix the bridge. bicyclists were stopped in their tracks until both arms came down. police say the bridge is still closed to cars, cyclists and pedestrians are allowed to cross. those are the headlines. will: still ahead two major storms are bearing down on the gulf coast as wildfires burn across california. how can you prepare your home for any extreme condition? the tips you need to stay safe all year long. that's next.
3:41 am
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[wind noise] will: dream weather from tropical storm laura slamming puerto rico with heavy rain and winds up to 70 miles per hour. the storm leaving thousands in the dark. tropical storm marco hitting mexico with strong winds. the gulf coast is now preparing for back-to-back storms. mississippi governor kate reeves warned shelter space will be limited due to the pandemic. >> what we cannot have happen is, if this thing is to strengthen, to have a mad rush of people into our sheltering space. will: rick reichmuth is tracking it all. he joins us live. rick? rick: will, probably not a better time to really be prepared for storm of this one, dealing with covid and dealing
3:45 am
with two storms. looking probably coming into the same state at least currently, looks like that. this is what is tropical storm marco, 70 mile-an-hour storm, if it gets to 74 mile-an-hour, it become as hurricane. that is what it is forecast to do. the storm will make landfall tomorrow some area around louisiana and probably tomorrow early morning. you don't have much time to prepare there. behind that, we have tropical storm laura. it is over the islands. it is over hispaniola, dominican republic, haiti, that has a lot of impact on what the structure of the storm will be by the time it eventually gets towards the gulf. it will be across across cuba that. will probably disrupt it. that said, waters across the gulf, everywhere in the atlantic is above average. anything yellow above average one to two degrees. we have temperatures four to five degrees above average. a body of water, already always
3:46 am
really warm isn't a good sign. this is the center of the track. don't focus on this. interest will be errors. this will move around. marco, tomorrow morning a landfall somewhere around southeastern louisiana. currently forecasted a category 1 storm. then wednesday sometime morning afternoon, possibly, we're talking about a landfall, maybe a category 2 storm, at least the current forecast across parts of louisiana. you well have just dealt with one storm. then a second storm coming on its heels. that one probably a little bit stronger. tell you, will, we have really a lot of uncertainty around this forecast because of what these two storms do and how they interact together. and, what that does, also to intensity. we're not great still at intensity forecasting. some of the models show a major hurricane for the second one behind it. two storms possibly in the exact same area coming this week, will. will: stick around with me. you said now is never a better
3:47 am
time to be prepared. two storms bearing down, california destroyed by wildfires. figure out how we can be prepared. we bring in leslie chapman, flash, federal alliance for save homes. rick pointed out we have natural disasters on two coasts. start with tropical storm and hurricanes. share with me what homeowners can do to prepare for something like this? what is the biggest vulnerabilities protecting our homes? >> we want you to be hurricane strong, the way you do that, keeping wind and water out. hurricane, we have everything you need to know. checklists podcasts. i want to highlight things that are simple and affordable, if you have a little bit of diy in your soul you can get these done now. start in the garage, look inside out. make sure you have enough connectors and mounting brac torts on either side of the garage door. when the door fails, it fails,
3:48 am
95%. we want the track overhead and door to stay in place. will: strengthen your garage, roof, soffits. how do we prepare for these types of natural disasters? >> your organization is centralized spot for information for people. especially with covid, you need a better plan in plains even than they would normally with this kind of a year. you know a lot about insurance and codes for homes. talk a little bit about that now. people can find out the best information for their particular home for what you guys do? >> sure. again with focus on things you can do now today, have an insurance checkup. get on the phone to your company, what is my deductible. so you know how much out-of-pocket you will have. another great thing to do have home insurance inventory update. cell phone on video. walk through the house. close up shops of serial
3:49 am
numbers, file numbers. any type of insurance claim will be smoother, easier, faster. it is really hard to recover from these events. everything you do right now can bring you back faster. when it comes to the house, you need to probably figure out your building code. we can help you with that too because that is the recipe that was used to construct your home and you will know if you can be safe at home. we know with covid people want to stay and shelter in place. as long as you're not in a hurricane evacuation zone, you can do that but you got to protect your openings, check your garage. and take advantage of some of the many affordable hacks that we have online for you that really a lot of them are just about caulking and adhesive, safely getting on a ladder. if you get stuck. call us we'll help you through it. will: leslie, a ton of information at their website, flash. preparing for wildfires, not just hurricanes. have a go bag ready. >> thank you. will: we introduced you to a
3:50 am
veteran-owned company turning bourbon barrels into patriotic art to help health care workers. >> we want to help with something greater than ourself. will: this morning they have have a big update. they will join us live next. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:53 am
♪. pete: owners of a veteran owned company, cruz custom flags joined us back in march with
3:54 am
patriotic way to raise money for medical workers on the lines. they make american flags out of old bourbon barrels. all proceeds go to the medical community. will: since march 5000 flags have been sold. the company donated $70,000 to two hospitals in kentucky. jedediah: joining with us an update are co-owners of cruz custom flags. army veteran chris cruz, and his wife amber. welcome to the show. chris, thank you for your service to our country. these flags have been enormous success. they're so beautiful. give us the latest update on sales, what it felt like to have them be so successful. what it felt like to make the amazing donations to front line workers at this distressing time? >> yes, absolutely. it has been really surreal. the way to put it. america showed up in pa very big way. we were actually able to sell
3:55 am
over 5000 flags, donate 75,000, or $70,000, $35,000 to various hospitals here in the louisville area. and you know, we were able to do that in 60 days. we got an overwhelmingly amount of orders and we were able to sell a flag never state. pete: amber, you were able to hire more people, veterans. this improved lives of people you donated to but grown your business. >> it has. we were able to help veterans w the money we donated with me, like some others on the front lines, we've been able to do amazing things with the money. we created dens, relaxation space we can go to get a mental break from this the money has been used to feed all of us during these long hours. you know, it just seems this virus isn't going anywhere this time soon. the generosity of america was leak chris said. these flags are still available
3:56 am
to help us give back to the front line workers. it has been amazing. will: jed brought up the service of both of you. amber, you are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. i'm kind of new here to "fox & friends." from what i understand a lot of money was raised from you viewers who watch "fox & friends" daily got introduced to you. tell me a little bit about that. who is buying the flags, who is helping the cause? >> when we received all the orders we saw a lot of gift giving. it was, kind of a trifecta if you will of a gift. people were buying gifts for health care workers. one they were giving back to a fellow health care worker, thanking them for their help. then at the same time they were helping a veteran-owned small business. then we were able to donate so much money. so a lot of surprise gifts believe it or not. people were giving gifts in the
3:57 am
mail. jedediah: thank you both. chris, amber, thank you so much for joining us. i hate to cut you off. check out a great job. amazing service to the community. more "fox & friendses" on the other side >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ since you're heading off to dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110...
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♪. will: i'm will cain. along with pete hegseth and jedediah bila on this wonderful sunday morning here on "fox & friends." pete, how are you today? pete: i'm doing great. that blue sky we showed in the 6:00 hour. it was a beautiful sunrise. someone sent me the sailor's creed, red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morning, sailors warning. i don't know anything about
4:01 am
sailing. i'm an army guy. will: a few pictures to viewers across this country. sunrises, beautiful from sea to shining sea. jedediah: yes i got them. looking on social media. people were sending us sunrises from texas. they're out there with us. appreciating nature and loving it. it's a big week, pete, to be celebrating because the rnc is coming in. i expect they will come in with a strong message to counter the message of the dcn and very curious to see what awaits. obviously in the virtual world we're living in, conventions are looking different. pete: person versus virtual, open versus closed. the president is doubling down on that. president trump set to announce a major therapeutic break through in the fight against covid-19 t come one day before the president heads to charlotte for the rnc.
4:02 am
lucas tomlinson on the president's busy week. what is he going to be there? , do you even know? reporter: shortly before midnight the white house press secretary that president trump will make a major announcement on the coronavirus from the white house ahead of the gop convention. >> a lot of the commentary on the democrat convention was that that it was very negative. president trump: right. >> very much attacking. president trump: it was dark. >> trump, trump. president trump: i agree. what will we see from. >> what will we see from your party next week? president trump: something that is positive. that is what i would like to see. reporter: 175,000 americans have died from the coronavirus over 5.5 million known cases. that is 97% of americans who get covid will live. there are likely millions more cases out there because the infected person hasn't shown symptoms and has not been affected. 97% of deaths are americans 55
4:03 am
and over according to the cdc. here are the themes of the convention. monday, "land of heroes," tuesday, "land of promise," wednesday, "land of opportunity," thursday, "land of greatness." the president will speak on the last night of the convention at the white house on thursday and a break from the past, guys. will: thank you, lucas. let me tell you why i think this message has a chance to resonate. during the past week we've heard about the dire condition of the country, but indictment, of the country history, values, foundation. what i think americans would like to hear. i know what i would like to hear at the republican national convention, recalling to what america's founding values are. that is the source of optimism that is the deliverance. those messages, the themes, night tonight, pete, i would like to think that is the source of optimism this coming week. pete: i think you're right. i think it will be.
4:04 am
there are a lot of dynamics. you have covid-19 and the economy and law and order. those are brass tacks quality of life type of issues but there is larger to what you're alluding to, will, a larger cultural conversation. who are we as a country? do we love our country? do we believe we're good? all of those things will come together what people are thinking about when they go to the ballot box and newt gingrich, who thinks, he writes a lot of books, think as lot more than i do, he thought about the dynamics this year vis-a-vis 2016, he thinks it will be a good year for president trump. here is part of what he said on "watters' world" last night. >> you're not predicting a landslide trump victory. >> i'm predicting it will be dramatically victory than people expect you see it beginning to build. >> you do. >> there is a poll out in minnesota shows him tied with biden. we don't have to make some stuff
4:05 am
up. we don't have to invent a post office phony scandal. we have to tell the truth how radical they are, people rioting for 90 days. that will be a fact. very interesting neither biden or harris was willing to say a word about antifa, a word about a level of crime. will: jed you start to wonder whether democrats are missing where the american people are at? you have got this lawlessness. they have this emergency saturday session saying the postal service is going to end when everyone knows the dysfunction there is decades long. are they making the wrong bet? i don't know how they come out the other side of it? jedediah: yeah. i don't know who will win this election truthfully. we're in such a difficult time to even gauge that with the shutdowns that have happened, with the virus. i mean who could have imagined a situation like we're in right now. i think the democrats tried to tap into empathy. i think that was smart but what they left out was the part about
4:06 am
resilience and the part about optimism and the part how america is a country that has gone through tough times and we come out on top. they left all of that out. they left people feeling sad and down. what you want for people to feel that you understand their plight. that you understand what they're going through. but also help them get to a better place. that is a void that the rnc can come in and hopefully fill. one of the things i think they should really stress are what has happened to so many businesses around the country. you have so many small business owners have been impacted by the shutdowns. new york businesses in particular are so fed up they're now coming forth, a lot of brooklyn and staten island restaurants saying we're going to sue. we'll get this class-action lawsuit together because bill de blasio doesn't have a plan when indoor dining can be brought back to play. without indoor dining, new seasons coming, winter comes, we'll not be able to survive on outdoor dining a the love protests around city hall in new york city, protesting the
4:07 am
mayor, saying defund de blasio, which is their take on the defund the police movement. let's listen to de blasio what he said about indoor dining. then we're going to share a little bit what some guests earlier had to say on that that actually run these restaurants. >> indoor dining, there's not a plan right now. there's not a context for indoor dining. we're never saying it's impossible but we do not based on what we've seen around the world, do not have a man for reopening indoor dining in the near term. >> that is probably the worst thing that a mayor could say. once we heard the administration, de blasio and cuomo stating what they said, they are not thinking of reopening us. they might even shut us down again, it will devastate us. we're not going to survive the year for sure. if that happens, very few of us will be able to survive that we barely survived march, april and may. now we're surviving because of the outdoor. that is how we came up with the
4:08 am
only resort would be, some sort of a get all together ban as many restaurants together as possible. jedediah: that is maximo who own as restaurant where i'm from called venom. these restrictions have been imposed. we don't have any end in sight. we flattened the curve. we did what you told us to do and now what? we saw the shutdowns. you will see evacuations from the cities. really sad, pete, it has to come to lawsuits, there is desperation coming in among the citizens. they need to be acknowledged by the rnc. will: this needs to be tied together with the dnc last week and the message from the rnc coming this week, pete. you said you didn't know what way the democrat bet will play, nobody knows who will win the election, regarding pessimism, versus optimism, right now more than empathy, what i hear is
4:09 am
message of destruction. i mean shutting down business. destroying the economy. destroying the police force. they have a lot of criticism for president trump. look, president trump is not immune from criticism but you will have to tell the american people how you will create. destruction is easy. creation is hard. creation is optimism lies. that is what the republican national convention should focus on. pete: guys, let's get together. i've been thinking a lot about this we've gone through a lot. i know your business is struggling. ready. i don't have a plan. no plan. i got no plan for you. all of you out there. we shoved your restaurants out on the sidewalks. i hope you enjoy that. you have plywood around you. you have a few tables. everyone is fake social distancing. wenter is coming as you mentioned, jed. new hampshire said we're open 100% inside. new hampshire, southern new hampshire which means boston. some states are looking at winter, common sense has got to arrive some day. we have to respect people enough to make their own choice to come into a restaurant if they want
4:10 am
to. bill de blasio, sums up the democrat platform which is wear a mask indefinitely, stay closed, don't go to school. no plan. you telling me that is what voters want when they go into the ballot box and they see violence and rioting and the double standard on their streets where protesters have been out for months, and rioters burning things, no condemning them, a lot of social distancing going on there. those are the contrast issues. to say no plan, imagine a commander, we showed up in the newsroom this morning, will, second floor. tammy goes, no plan today. will: more destructive than that, pete. the plan is shut it down. joe biden suggesting i would not hesitate to shut it down. if tammy said no plan we shut the show down. i think the viewers would change channel. pete: maybe. or would be an interesting show. jedediah: yeah. just to say it is not surprising. none of this is surprising.
4:11 am
everyone following the likes of bill de blasio. look what andrew cuomo did with respect to nursing homes of covid-19. new york leadership is a disaster. leadership in a lot of democrat-run city is a disaster. matters when voters in the city wake up and say we need a change because these people don't have any idea what they're doing. pete: speaking of disasters, we turn to the headlines of the president trump issues a disaster declaration as they battle the two largest fires in history. lnu complex fires, even the name is complex, burning 600,000 acres. six people unfortunately have died. 14,000 firefighters are battling the firefighters. 10 states sending help. two firefighters had to be airlifted to safety after they were surrounded by the flames. god bless them. helmet cam footage shows them fire approaching as they dangle -- tough job.
4:12 am
house passed a bill to send $25 billion to the u.s. postal service. georgia representative doug collins told us earlier slamming democrats for proposing the sham measure. >> this is democratic voter suppression. they're trying to make people scared to vote. speaker pelosi said it. you don't need to take your life in your own hands to vote. that is so false a narrative that needs to be put out there. this is nothing more than political theater. pete: the bill is not expected to pass the senate. it won't. and the white house has threatened to veto it. communist chinese owned tiktok confirms it will sue the trump administration over the president's executive order demanding its shutdown if it doesn't find a u.s. buyer. i wonder if american companies can sue the china niece government to get their way? yeah. the company will file a lawsuit this week claiming the administration didn't follow due process. the president gave bytedance 90
4:13 am
days to sell the app of the saying that the company puts u.s. national security at risk. wow. hubris. you have heard of airbnb. now there is sub bnb? the wisconsin maritime museum is offering an overnight stay on a world war ii submarine. the deal includes a private tour of the uss cobia and museum admission. they will provide things like bedding, air-conditioning. one night costs $500 for up to five guests that sounds amazing. will: does it? pete: yes. will: i like to think of myself as adventerous. i'm not sure that is wonderful $500 spent. is that a wonderful night of sleep? pete: about a world war ii submarine. wow. will: got it. the minneapolis precinct torched during riots finally getting a
4:14 am
new home. our next guest says the temporary solution proves the city council doesn't have a plan how to rebuild. more after the break. ♪
4:15 am
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we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪. will: minneapolis police precinct that was torched during the riot in may is getting a new home. the city council approved a plan to spend $4.8 million on a new temporary location but our next guest says the temporary solution shows that the city council don't have a plan. here is explain, tim christopher of the missionary baptist church
4:18 am
in minneapolis. he is founder of shepherd works. reverend, thanks for being with us this morning. $4.8 million. i saw another figure that it would cost $10 million to replace the precinct burned down during the riots. how do people in minneapolis feel about the cost of replacing what was lost during the riots? >> good morning to you, an thank you for having me on. first and foremost we have got a city council who is doing everything they can do to get rid of the police. they're worried about where they're putting it, will we even have a police department? you know, so everybody is worried about if there is going to be a place for them but they're trying to dismantle and defund a police department when we have record numbers of homicide in the city. you are dealing with a city council who have zero clue in what they're doing. at the end of the day, to be
4:19 am
totally honest with you, they're inept in their job. half of them saying let's do the move. you have got the other half saying we don't know? she sit there, she is not really in favor of this move. they have zero clue what they're doing. they're hurting the people of this city. that is what the problem is. the problem isn't where they're moving. will: you know, reverend, the loudest voices in the room when it comes to the issue those on the street either screaming defund the police or abolish the police but what i'm hearing from you, is a message i'm starting to hear more and more. no, we need the police. i have to ask you, within your congregation, within those in minneapolis how common is what you shared with us? we're not worried where you are but whether you are in minneapolis? >> exactly a lot of people share that sentiment. we're not asking. we're not asking to get rid of or defund the police.
4:20 am
i just want everybody to know and understand that. we're in a city where the officials are telling us if a criminal come up to you, hand over your hard-earned money. hand over your hard-earned property and you want to defund the police department? you want to pull down the police department? no. what we do, we dismantle the system in which the police travel under. you don't get rid of the police department. at all. we just had a shooting, just the other night, across the street from a liquor store and a gas station which is unbelievably troublesome here in the city. number one. with a bus stop that sits right there that a single mother could get shot her kid could get shot. we had a killing there. there is record number of killings, you want to defund or hurt the police department? this is what i'm telling you. lisa bender, all them other ones up there in that city council,
4:21 am
no. no, man. will: perhaps best to illustrate that cost, $1.2 million a year in lease. $4.28 million in cost. as much as $10 million to rebuild the police precinct. cost is everywhere. reverend tim christopher. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. appreciate you having me on. will: the new jersey gym at the center of an epic showdown finding an ally in a republican senate candidate in new jersey. hear the latest plan to stay open and how the candidate is helpings! next on king's hawaiian bread! yum! king's hawaiian.
4:22 am
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we're working to make things a little easier for everyone. download the xfinity my account app today. ♪. jedediah: welcome back. it is time now for your news by the numbers. first, $70,000. that's how much parents are spending on remote learning pods for their kids in new york city. pods are small groups of
4:25 am
students in the same grade who are led by a tutor or teacher. many parents are turning to pods during the pandemic. next we have 313 million years old. that's the age of the oldest fossil found in the grand canyon. a geology professor found it on a boulder next to a trail while on a hike with students. the national park service says the fossil is an animal footprint. finally eight years old. that is the age of the youngsest hot-air balloon pilot. j.t. head from georgia soring up to 300 feet in the air. he learned from his parents who have been flying for decades. pretty cool,. pete: pete yeah. what your kid is doing? not that, yeah. or mind. we've been following the story from the beginning. earlier this month the local council voted to revoke the business license for atilis gym in new jersey.
4:26 am
the owners are proving once again they will stay open no matter the odds. the owners are teaming up with a republican senate candidate, designating the gym as campaign rally location to keep the doors open. here with more atilis gym co-owners, ian smith, frank trumbetti. and u.s. senate candidate dr. rik mehta. they have tried to strip your license. they made you look like criminals. you turned around, said, now we're not just a business, we're a campaign location. take that. update us. >> well, you know, when we started this we took a stand for our constitutional rights and for the rights of all small business owners throughout the country. and it wasn't intended to become political. we were trying to offer a solution to a problem where government was failing.
4:27 am
it turned political. and that was because of governor murphy's actions. so now we, we made it political just as much as he has. pete: frank, you're betting on the fact, you can't interfere, local council, governor of new jersey can't interfere with a political candidate. you are a u.s. senate candidate. declared the gym a headquarters or a place for that. can they try to interfere with that? >> we believe they can't. doesn't mean they're not going to. we hope it gives us a reprieve until november 3rd. everyone comes in here are a volunteer for the mehta campaign. we'll be here to exercise our rights. pete: before i get to rik, ian, frank, how do members respond to this, they're campaign volunteers? >> our members are excited to be a part of something because what rik stands for coming in as political candidate who stepped in, hey, i support you guys i
4:28 am
want to help. they're excited to help back. pete: very cool. rik mehta, you're a noted public health expert. why are you latching on to this? why are you supporting atilis gym? >> i stand with ian and frank. it is time to put substance over politics. we asked, where is the science? you see the transmission rates in new jersey, some of the lowest it ever been. we flatted the curve. they keep moving the goalpost. so what i'm saying here is, okay, you know, you want to hurt small businesses? you're crushing the american dream. and if you look at the unemployment rates in new jersey, they're the highest that they have ever been. it is time for us to put policy over politics. that is why we, governor murphy turned this into political chess game. what we said, checkmate, governor. pete: they're picking winners an
4:29 am
losers, effectively what they have done here. how many former gym attendees, campaign volunteers gone through atilis gym without a case. >> 25,994. zero covid. we're not requiring masks either. pete: restaurants are, rik, correct me, restaurants still not open in new jersey for indoor dining, right? >> that's right. yep. only outdoor dining at the lowest percentage rates. it is really sad because it is truly crushing our small business here in new jersey. pete: rik, what is the standard? why not atilis gym, why not restaurants? why walmart? who picks? >> it is palpable hypocrisy. the governor has not told us how he makes decisions. he makes the decisions then asks his health professionals to find science to support decisions. that is not how good public health works. that is how we're asking for
4:30 am
this. >> we asked for the science numerous times in court. they have not produced a single shred of evidence, a gym, indoor dining, movie theaters, murphy's three last industries allowed to operate. he has not put forth a single shred of evidence to prove we're anymore of a threat to theblic c transportation running at 100% capacity or any of the other things that that he elected to be the case. pete: this may be the greatest increase a campaign volunteers they have seen. atilis gym, campaign headquarters for rik mehta campaign for senate. you're unrelenting. god bless you. keep us updated with the story. >> thanks so much, pete. pete: god it, guys. republicans gearing up for the start of their convention. what do members of the party hope to see this week? we have texas gop chairman, lieutenant army colonel allen
4:31 am
west with his wish-list coming next. ♪ ♪ book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at
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♪. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ jedediah: your shot of the
4:35 am
morning. just when you thought 2020 couldn't throw anything else our way, nasa says an asteroid is heading to earth one day before the election. will: asteroid is about six 1/2 feet wide. it could come within 4700 miles of the planet. i laugh pete, because of the absurdity. pete: however nasa says the chances of it hitting the earth are less than .5%. will: not happening. pete: it's not but -- jedediah: there is still a chance! pete: dumb and dumber line, you're telling me there is a chance? you never know. not like the movies where they send the oil rigs to blow it up with a nuclear weapon. will: really good movie. pete: armageddon is a great movie. we're moving on. jedediah: we have a big guest with us. retired lieutenant colonel allen west, former republican
4:36 am
congressman. texas gop party chair. great to have you on. he specially now we have a lot of news in the works. big week with the rnc coming up tomorrow. we need to know from you what does the rnc need to do to hit a home run? >> good to be with you, jedediah, pete, will. pretty interesting you were playing that song by rem, it is the end of the world, that is the dnc convention, that is the sentiment you got, that it is doom and gloom and the great days of america are over. as we start our rnc convention tomorrow it is about the "land of opportunity," the the land of hope, the land of dreams, the "land of heroes". you take i-85 south, where i was born and raised in atlanta, georgia. in 19681 i was born in a blacks only hospital. my father was a simple corporal in the united states army. look what i've enjoyed in the
4:37 am
great land we call heem in the united states of america. to achieve the rank of lieutenant colonel and command battalion combat and former member of united states house of representatives. to represent the great state of texas as chairman of their republican party that is what america is about. it is not about what we saw last week with the democrats. it is about the hopes and dreams we achieve within our own will and determination. will: it is pretty obvious that the message of pessimism came through last week and i think it is because it came in the form of largely of criticism of president trump. the democrats clearly made a bet, they don't need a positive platform. they need to focus on president trump and criticism. do you think that will be enough? do you think that will animate voters? whatever we do, we're just voting against president trump? >> no, i don't think it will, will. one of the things i've always tried to council candidates about, you have to tell people what you're for, not what
4:38 am
against. you ever level, 35, 40, 45% of people will come out to say they hate president trump. i think more people will come out and say we love our country more so. i think with the constitutional conservative principles of the republican party and our platform, when we focus on our judeo-christian faith heritage that made us strong, the reason why we were able to stand up to the greatest power the world knew at the time, great britain and establish this nation, our strong belief in individual sovereignty, free market on the onal spirit, our belief in quality education that unlocks any doors and our service to the nation, those are the bed rook principles that we've seen this president elevate and i think that will carry him to victory in november. pete: colonel, you mentioned judeo-christian values. you've been a long ardent defender and supporter of state of israel and the jewish people. under the president there have been huge breakthroughs, scrapping the iran deal a existential threat, moving the
4:39 am
capital to jerusalem and deal about the golan heights. jared kushner and mike pompeo are heading middle east for more peace talks. do you expect momentum? you're in touch with what is happening there? >> pete, you and i have been over in the middle east. we understand strength and might are respect respected in that part of the world. the united states is leading and strong. we're not leading from behind. they are operating from a high ground. that is what people are expecting. so many in the middle east were really confused by the obama administration, the obama-biden administration and their outreach to iran and coddling of iran and sending millions of dollars to iran. we don't have to pick up headlines right now and hear about terrorist attacks or isis or beheadings or things of that nature because we went on the offense. we stood strong. everyone in the middle east knows our yes is a yes and our no is a no.
4:40 am
jedediah: lieutenant colonel allen west. thank you so much for joining us this morning on this great sunday morning as we look forward to the rnc we'll talk again soon. thanks so much. >> thank you. jedediah: we're going to turn now to some headlines for you in this hour. a man is arrested after a jogger is found dead in arkansas. sydney sutter land's body was discovered near her home, days after she went missing while on a run. a farmer is reportedly in police custody on suspicion of capital murder. two girls are being held as heroes for saving a one-year-old's life. mckenzie and olivia tomkins of iowa performing cpr while someone else called for help. when first-responders arrived the child was breathing on its own. the police honoring the girls, treating them to pizza and ice cream. not a bad deal. police say the child is doing just fine luckily. the show will go on in new york city for the holidays. the macy's thanksgiving day parade and rockefeller center
4:41 am
christmas tree lighting will be held. some portions of each ceremony will be held virtually. others are small he presentations at different locations in the city. they will release more information in the fall. those are the headlines. life goes on when it comes to the christmas tree. will: some small sense of normally, jed. jedediah: yeah. will: check in with rick reichmuth tracking two tropical storm laura and marco, that are bearing down on the gulf coast. what do you have for us, rick? rick: seems normal for 2020. two coming into the gulf. hurricane warnings across southeastern louisiana. be ready. this is tomorrow morning. we're talking about 24 hours from now, potentially hurricane conditions heading into louisiana. not a lot of warning for this. just be really prepared. it its coming. this is the first one. that is marco. already a 70 mile-an-hour storm across the southern gulf. it is moving to the north really quickly. why it will get there by tomorrow morning. it should likely be a hurricane. water is plenty warm.
4:42 am
not a lot of time. officially forecast to be category 1 storm. making landfall around plaquemines's parish sometime tomorrow morning. laura is right now over hispaniola. a lot of mountains in the dominican republic and haiti. that inhibits any strengthening. it is holding pretty well. it moves across cuba. a lot of land mass to get over. then it gets back over the gulf of mexico waters, really warm. those waters, sometimes if one storm moves in an area, pulls up cooler water, the storms will not be in the same area. at least the direction they're coming. so it will not have any problems. officially forecast to be a category 2 storm, two days later. right now in louisiana, if you're in eastern texas, watch this as well. guys? pete: crazy. rick, thank you very much. coming up another night of chaos in portland as an american flag is torched, a true representation what they believe. police are pelted with rocks and
4:43 am
bottles. mark morgan sounds off on the need to end the violence next. insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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learn more at pete: turning to a fox news alert. rioters in portland torching an american flag throwing reocks and bottles like criminals at police officers overnight. jedediah: just yesterday nine people were arrested in connection to another riot in the city. demonstrators stormed a police precinct clashing with officers and vandalizing property. will: here to react, is acting cbp commissioner mark morgan. let me ask you this, mark, i've had, we've had a conversation all morning, what is the purpose, what is the motivation behind the riots? we had conversation about the way it affects elections and politics, but i have a very simple question for you, how does it end? when and how does it end? what is the ultimate out come for 90 days of riots? >> will, what we need is what we've been saying in a long time this, case in particularly in
4:47 am
portland for the local leadership, to step up, do their job and let the law enforcement officers in that area to do what they know needs to be done to stop this lawlessness. we've seen almost 90 days complete ineptness of local leadership to do what they need to do, let the law enforcement officers do what needs to be done to end this. it's outrageous. will: mark are they doing battle with effectively the same people every night? are they arrested and released? how do you end it when the same people that are doing it continue to do it? are they abdicating powers of arrest otherwise they should have? are these policies mayors are ignoring? what are they not doing? >> all of that, pete, spot on. right now the district attorney locally is only going to go ahead and prosecute those for serious crimes committed there. it is outrageous. someone can go there, actually resist a police officer and not
4:48 am
be prosecuted for that. it's unbelievable. then they're curious why they go right back out and reoffend. it is simply ridiculous. will: that is unreal. jedediah: mark if we look at some of the stats on this, for example, we have a full screen, riots and arrests in portland alone, 18 riots have been declared since may 29th. 500 arrests made since may 29th. i'm a firm believer, troublemakers around the country are watching, they are noticing you can get away with this kind of mayhem and this kind of violence for 80 plus days in some of these democrat-run cities, no one will stop you. is that the message that we're sending to to people who seek to destroy? >> that is a message being sent in portland. we've seen it. 90 days. if you don't go in there and stop this, this is what you're going to see. it is getting worse. now you have groups on the other side are coming. now they're clashing with each other. it is just a matter of time
4:49 am
where someone is going to die if this is not stopped. and then switch real quick to other areas like kansas city and chicago where we're seeing other types of general violence. since july, we put, this president put 1000 federal law enforcement officers and agents there. since july, 1000 arrests, state, local, federal charges. over 90 arrests for homicides. that's how you get it done. will: it is escalating, commissioner. we appreciate your time. that is why i asked how does it end? unfortunately what might happen, a massive act of violence, pete, before somebody takes action to end this. pete: why do police have more incentive to get aggressive when they're the ones prosecuted? mark morgan, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> you bet. pete: labor market is growing but millions are still without a job. fox business cheryl casone breaks down the top opportunities state by state
4:50 am
next. ♪ >> tech: when you've got auto glass damage... ...safelite can come to you. >> tech: and you'll get a text when we're on our way. >> tech: just leave your keys on the dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it'can it help with snoring?le of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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♪. jedediah: america's labor market outlook finally showing signs of improvement but millions of americans are still looking for steady work. so this morning we're breaking down the top job openings by state. joining us with more, fox business's cheryl casone. welcome to the show as always. love having you here on this topic. many americans wonder what the job openings look like in their state. let's look at each state. let's begin with florida. reporter: the most common type of job, most available type of job in florida is sales
4:54 am
associate. that is pretty common across most of the country but in particular with florida, they're seeing a lot of these big box retailers, whether it is walmarts, targets, home depots, all the home improvement shows that everybody likes to watch, you're going to those stores. hiring particular at those companies. but also registered nurses are high demand in florida. that is makes sense because of the retirement population. even before the pandemic began there was a nursing shortage in this country. there is always, always a need for skilled nursing. jedediah: what about in washington? reporter: washington state, this is interesting, technology. which is not a big surprise obviously. we're all working from home and technology is becoming a bigger part of everyone's life if you will but software development engineer, there is 1245 current openings in washington state. that is the most common. again sales associates are also needed in the state of washington. jedediah: what about in kentucky? reporter: kentucky is interesting as well.
4:55 am
seeing a theme, sales associate. we'll go with that one, again. the second most common job opening is customer service representative. i always get asked a lot about work from home opportunities. i think even before this, people really enjoyed the idea working from home. a lot of customer service jobs, in particular in that state are work from home opportunities. that could be nice, unless you're working at home for six months, now you want to get out of the house. you may be that person too. jedediah: shifting over to nebraska now? reporter: nebraska is interesting. a lot of open road in nebraska. it's a beautiful state if you've been there, diesel mechanic, there are 364 jobs open for diesel mechanics. they have another need for sales associates in nebraska. jedediah: finally we have the great state of texas. reporter: my state, my home. texas has, they also need sales associates, that is number one. number two, there is the theme,
4:56 am
registered nurse. i want to say, two hottest, really places to work, types of jobs, talking to you college grads right now, nursing and technology is. that is really where the hiring is happening f you're young, thinking about what to do with your life, those are two of the best sectors to look at. we have more than 10% unemployed. the unemployment rate is 10.2%. it is rough out there. there are jobs. it is more competitive to get them. jedediah: cheryl casone, definitely it is rough out there but you brought us some hope today. some job openings i know people will check out. thanks so much for being here. reporter: you bet. jedediah: coming up, hogan gidley, mike huckabee, maria bartiromo, david webb, dr. marc siegel coming up. don't miss it. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ jedediah: wow. look at those clouds. they look like pillows in the sky. welcome, everyone, to the 8 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" on this beautiful sunday morning. we saw a beautiful sunrise this morning, now we're looking at some beautiful clouds. i'm here with pete hegseth and will cain, and, will, i hear you're keeping pete in line over there in the studio, that's a good start. will: i'm happy that he is happy. [laughter] he's working on his breakfast --
5:01 am
jedediah: there you go. will: and a happy pete makes for a happy show. pete: we try. will is generally birdies position a happy person. will: which, by the way, works into the theme of the republican national convention this week which hopes to strike a more positive, optimistic tone than what you might have heard last week. president trump is traveling to charlotte tomorrow, he hopes to send that positive message. here are the themes. monday, land of heroes. tuesday, it's land of promise. wednesday, land of opportunity and thursday, land of greatness. president trump on the next revolution later today on fox news, and here's what he had to say about the tone of that message. >> you just had the democrat convention, you're up next week. a lot of commentary was it was very negative. >> right. >> very much attacking -- >> it was dark. it was dark. >> right. >> i agree. >> what are we going to see from
5:02 am
your party next week? >> well, i think we're going to see something that is going to be very uplifting and positive. that's what i'd like it tonight. i think you have to defend yourself by talking about some of the lies like when he says social security. i don't think he knows too much about social security. will: you know, pete, jed, when it comes to the republican national convention, i want to tell you there are three things that i want to hear from the republicans this week. one is something that donald trump's been very good at, speaking to the middle class, talking about trade with china, ways to buy but their -- buoy their -- and number three, pete, this is where optimism comes n. i want to hear the american story. as we're seeing might be the theme, i want to hear how our values are not our problems in this country but our deliverance from our problems. pete: certainly, will, it's a
5:03 am
contrast. the forgotten men and women on the working class side that president trump suddenly, he unleashed this idea that we should remember about those people again. our policies should be oriented for putting citizens and americans first. and i think it'll be very important for the president to remind americans about what this country was like before the china virus, before china unleashed that on our country, what tax cuts and deregulation did. remember, joe biden wants to raise your taxes. what unleashing the energy potential in this country did for energy independence and the jobs in this country. securing our borders, supporting law enforcement. a lot of it the democrats have tried to muddy into what's happened ever since with job losses in our economy because of reaction to the virus. playing the tapes back a little bit, remembering them and saying, hey, joe biden may want to say build back better, but he had 50 years to build something,
5:04 am
never built it in the first place, has made understand the of promises over his career -- tons of promises over his career and never kept them. so it will be a story in contrast and values, i think, will, that last point is the most important one. we have a different set of values. we believe america is a good place, a place of capitalism and equality and opportunity not defined by its sins. it is 1776, jed, not 1690. jedediah: that's exactly right. these are challenging times. these harmly virtual -- largely virtual conventions as well. be curious to see how the rnc handles it. i think people need an influx of hope and positive energy and a reminder of how to get the country back on track. people have been through a lot between covid-19 and the shutdown, you turn on your television, and you're seeing rioting happening throughout the country. people know it's been a struggle
5:05 am
to get their bills paid, to see how everyone's going to come out of this on top, and this is a country that has a long history of facing obstacles and being resilient and coming out of these challenges bigger and stronger and better. so i think that is a chance for republicans to really contrast themselves with the dnc and say it's not all doom and gloom, this is what's ahead. let's look forward to what we can do together as a nation, and these people watching that are feeling good about themselves and their life lives and potential. you don't want to turn off a convention and feel worse. every time i tuned in to the dnc, i felt like i needed a pick me up. i had to hop on my spin bike to get an adrenaline rush. you should feel good and positive, and that's what the republicans should absolutely bring to the table both in terms of tone and policy. there's another big story that we're covering right now. it's a dark one because it's breaking overnight. anti-police rioters have continued clashing with officers
5:06 am
in denver. rioters smashing windows, setting fires in the street, throwing rocks and fireworks at officers outside police headquarters. [background sounds] [bleep] jedediah: agitators tried tearing down a fence at the state capitol building. nine people arrested, at least one officer hurt, and a sum scene in -- a a similar scene in portland. >> i thought that's what they were down there trying to fight, was this kind of behavior towards them, but they're exhibiting the same behavior that they're trying to stop. jedediah: police arrested a suspect in the attack. he is charged with assault and rioting. so this is an unfortunate reality that we're seeing now that has unfolded in city after city. we covered it in seattle,
5:07 am
portland, denver, new york city is an absolute disaster. when you see rioting, destruction, people are just destroying for the sake of it it because they're getting away with it. and you see many democrat-run citieses being overrun, set aflame, and that leadership -- so-called leadership in those cities doing absolutely nothing about it to contain it or to send a message to other cities this will not be tolerated. will: you bring up the operable word, leadership. there is no doubt that the united states of america today is dealing with some very dark issues from covid to riots, to division at every level. and we're looking at increasing violation on the streets in places like portland. but leadership is what is needed to deliver us from this darknd right now. mark morgan is calling on local leadership to do their job in portland, to deliver the citizens there from this
5:08 am
increasing violence. >> what we need is what we've been saying for a long time, is for the local leadership to step up, do their job and let the law enforcement officers in that area do what they know needs to be done to stop this lawlessness. we've seen now almost 90 days complete ineptness of local leadership. if you don't go in there and stop this, this is what you're going to see, and it's getting worse. now you have groups on the other side, now they're clashing with each other. i mean, it's just a matter of time where someone's going to die if this is not stopped. will: and that's my concern, pete. without leadership, it might take some tragic, massive violent act to wake everyone up to put an end to this increasing violence. pete: you're right. and joe bidens has said nothing. they don't even acknowledge that it exists. we've had democrats say what are
5:09 am
you talking about? these are peaceful protests. or take it if my former home state of minnesota, small town, black lives matter outside the head of the police union in minneapolis. they're not breaking any laws by being on the street, but they're trying to intimidate this person. this is violence, this is intimidation. look at that breaking of the window. i don't know what they did to get anything going, but i don't know, what did he get? $1,000 fine, defacing property? do you get jail time? how about assaulting a police officer? how about throwing a bottle? the fact that they're not using the tools at their disposal allows this to continue to spin out of control. it's i why the president talks about law and order. the political leaders who yell about defund the police, they've got their own security. i don't. and, joe biden, you want to take away my second amendment right as well where i can't defend myself? will: but it's not limited to
5:10 am
local leadership, and it's not limited to joe biden. this is also a vacuum in leadership that the president, quite honestly, needs to step into. and that's what i would hope to hear this coming week, how will you help deliver cities like portland, chicago, seattle, new york, from this spiral. pete: what's amazing is when he sends the national guard, you're hurting the environment. it's almost like if trump says he'll help, they have to be against it even if it will. to your point, we'll hear about it this week. jedediah: think about, pete, too why the dnc didn't bring any of this up. it's like they were afraid to upset the rioters. there's something wrong with an equation where you have an entire convention take place, cities quite literally up in names and they're silent on the issue. what is going on with their base? what's wrong with them that you can't simply acknowledge that peaceful protests are okay, but what you see going on just look like massive destruction of property, people are getting
5:11 am
injured, people have died. i mean, it's really crazy when that moral barometer has shifted to a point where it's unrecognizable. will: very true. president trump leaving just moments ago as lawmakers battle over the postal service, so is now the democrats are using mail drop boxes which are a voter security or disaster among other things that make it possible for a potential to vote -- person to vote multiple times. also who controls them? are they not covid sanitized? a big fraud. it comes after the house passed a $25 billion funding bill, also bans operational changes that has slod down mail service. the bill will not pass the senate. joe biden hit with yet another plagiarism claim over his dnc acceptance speech. >> love is more powerful than hate, hope is more powerful than
5:12 am
fear and light is more powerful than dark. will wl biden's sounding similar to this line: my friends, love is better than ang or, hope is better than fear, optimism is better than despair. you will recall biden withdrew from the democratic party's presidential race when he nurse ran 30 years ago after he reportedly took lines from a u.k. labour party leader during a debate. now to extreme weather. the gulf coast bracing for impact from tropical storms laura and marco. the two could hit the u.s. within 24 hours of each other. it hasn't happened since 1933. laura hitting puerto rico with winds up to 70 miles per hour. president trump issuing an emergency declaration for the island. marco hitting mexico with strong
5:13 am
winds, expected to make landfall in louisiana. and and, you know, jed, you should read this headline. i i feel like you would love it more than me. jedediah: a very special addition to one zoo. an eastern black rye not russ was born, a critically endangered species. it's a second one born at the zoo. both mom and baby are doing well. no names have been announced, but we'll be waiting on that. and i, of course, would like a baby rhino -- pete, how could you not want to read that headline? pete: that's two days in a row you've wanted to adopt an animal that would completely maul you. will: what does that mean, an eastern bloc rhino? pete: there's borders and citizenship for animals. i didn't know that. apparently. will: a major breakthrough in the fight against covid-19, what
5:14 am
does dr. marc siegel expect it will be? we'll ask him next. ♪
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ ♪ jedediah: today president trump is set to announce a major therapeutic breakthrough from the fight against covid-19. in a news conference scheduled for 6 p.m. eastern, here to discuss,, dr. marc siegel. welcome to the show, as always. this is, obviously, great news. not sure what's going to be discussed in the briefing, but good news when it comes to any breakthrough with respect to this virus.
5:18 am
>> jedediah, good morning. you have to understand the virus doesn't know that an election is coming up, and so a virus can't be involved in the politics here. and the president has said, you know, that he's concerned about the fda being a little bit too political right now. and one of the things that happened a couple of days ago was that the, fda delayed an emergency use authorization on convalescent plasma, that's the antibodies you get when you're getting over covid-19. and the fact is that those type of antibodies have been used for over a hundred years successfully for other diseases, and a study out of houston methodist in 300 patients just showed a dramatic impact at keeping people alive longer. so there's those antibodies that could be on the table that people recovering have, synthetic antibodies are being studied, we have a steroid spray that a may help early in the process and stem cells for
5:19 am
people who have prolonged symptoms that are getting over covid-19. all of those things are currently being studied aggressively. but it was eyebrow-raising that the fda did not issue an emergency use authorization on the antibodies, and i don't know for sure that that's what the president is going to discuss, but it's on the table. jedediah: yeah. obviously any fda delays i would potentially be problematic. we'll hear from the president today at 6 p.m. and find out more. another topic that you have talked about quite a bit and you have a recent op-ed of which the headline reads, classical damage of closed schools worse than the risk of the virus. but this is a lot of fear right now around opening schools. parents are nervous, teachers are nervous. what's your take on it all? >> you know, jed, we're also burying the headline of good news, and the good news that occurred was 660 daycare centers
5:20 am
were just tested in rhode island very carefully over the month of june where the rate of covid-19 spread was very low. and you know what the cdc found? they found almost no cases in 19,000 children that went to daycare centers. only 4 cases have spread. that's right, 4 out of 19,000. and dr. redfield's been talking about this of cdc and saying, you know, if protocols are in place and there's physical distancing and people are taking really a lot of caution and care, he thinks that schools can be opened in areas which are not big with hot spots, where the rate of transmission is low. my own son's school, horstmanen -- horace mann, by the way, is opening with the tents outside, and they have to meet their teachers and the teachers have to meet them to know what's going on. you cannot start the year online and socialize properly. jedediah: thinking outside the box and tents outside is a great
5:21 am
idea. this will be an ongoing conversation. thank you, dr. siegel, as i always. >> jedediah, thank you. have a great day. jedediah: you too. coming up, we have been telling you about how the tunnel 2 towers foundation, ceo frank siller joins us live with a new update this morning. that's next. welcome, today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
5:22 am
5:23 am
simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. he scores! stanley cup champions! touchdown! only mahomes.
5:24 am
the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. ♪ ♪ will: some quick sports headlines. a week of tributes to kobe bryant begins today, tomorrow the lakers are expected to wear black mamba jerseys in their
5:25 am
playoff game against the blazers. and nashville star stephen strasburg will have carpal tunnel surgery this week, he only made two starts this season. he's set to be ready to go in 2021. pete? pete: one foundation is stepping up to make sure all who were lost on september 11th get the honor they deserve. tunnel 2 towers foundation organizing a live reading of the victims' names after the annual tribute was canceled in new york city. this is in addition to their own towers of light to become -- to be a complement to the big apple's tribute in light. ceo frank siller lost his brother stephen on that day when he raced to the towers to save others. frank, you have carried that legacy in an amazing way ever since, and i know how meaningful this day is to you and to everybody. when the tribute in lights was
5:26 am
canceled, you said you'd do it. then they put it back on, so you're doing it at the pentagon, i believe, and at shanksville. you canceled the reading of the names? you will be reading those names. >> yes. honored to take on that responsibility. you know, the 9/11 memorial and museum, their one job to make sure that they take care of 9/11 families, to make sure they're never forgotten and to honor those who perished 19 years ago, and they dropped the ball. we're proud that we are going to read the names out loud, in person on september 11th this year, and we're going to do it in a safe way. you know, they said they couldn't do it in a safe away. we know that's bogus because they reversed the tribute in lights, they reversed that decision after i came on here with you last weekend and said that we were doing it. but the great news is that we are going to shine a big, beautiful light, a big beautiful
5:27 am
blue light at shanksville and around the pentagon to make sure that the lives that were lost 19 years ago will be remembered in those locations, because it's very important. you know, we can never minimize that day, pete, and they were minimizing it, and we're not going to. we're going to make sure that they're paid the correct homage. pete: are you getting support for the reading of the names, frank? of course it can be done safely, of course the 9/11 memorial should have done it. you pointed it out, you've got one job, just do it. they're playing a recording, instead, from previous years. are you going to -- where will it be exactly, and is the city playing nice? hopefully they'll cover it. >> yes, it will be coveredded, and to be -- it'll be at liberty church just where we used the read the names prior to when the memorial was being finished, so it will be right up there.
5:28 am
and, you know, we're going to make sure it's done in a safe way. it's so easily done, you just have the readers come up to separate podiums one at a time, and you clean them in between, and they have their masks on until they read the names. it's just so easily done. so we know it wasn't the reason, and you know it wasn't the reason they weren't doing the tribute in life, because they reversed course in two days because all of a sudden they found a saw safe way of doing it. shame on them. pete: well, steven siller could have played it safe on that day, and he didn't. all those men and women who ran up the stairs when everyone else was running down and we can't find a way to read the names. i hope to be there, frank. we appreciate it. keep it up. >> i hope you're there too. god bless. pete: god bless. all right, coming up, the householding a rare saturday session all in an attempt to, they say, protect the post office. but our next guest wants the know why didn't they treat helping out of work americans with the same urgency? the governor, mike huckabee, on
5:29 am
deck. ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite, we're committed to taking care of you and your car. >> tech: we'll fix it right with no-contact service you can trust. >> tech: so if you have auto glass damage, stay safe with safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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5:33 am
>> taking sorting machines out of post offices in states where 100% of the voting takes place by mail, it tells me you have some sinister motives -- >> we had a clearing of sorting machines, congressman, three weeks before the election in 2012, two weeks before the election in 2008, one week before the election in 2000. in other words, this is part of a process -- >> there's going to be a bigger volume this year of voting by mail than ever before. you need more people, and you're cutting their overtime. come on, neil, you know better than that. will: the story the united states postal service is taking on a lot of the trappings of the russian collusion story. it's going to question the legitimacy of our election, and it's going to absolutely drive
5:34 am
needed conversation for quite some time. is it a hoax? is it a con fliewngs of events? let's ask fox news contributor, governor mike huckabee. good morning. >> good morning, all of you. this is such a, just a totally ridiculous story. i mean, you would think that after all of the russia, russia, russia stuff we'd finally learn are don't believe what the democrats are worried about because it's a diversionary tactic. but here they are now nancy is pelosi didn't want to deal with infrastructure, doesn't want to deal with daca and most importantly, did not want to deal with making sure that americans who are out of work could get a check and somehow survive. no. they rushed to d.c. like a 911 is fire alarm and voted on a saturday so they can save an empty mailbox. this is kabooky theater because all the theaters in america is have closed, and it really is, i think, straining the credibility
5:35 am
of what is left of congress. and i hope that americans are smarter and will see through this nonsense. jedediah: governor, we're now at the point in politics where the game of predictions has started, and newt gingrich has come out and made a pretty dramatic prediction saying that a dramatically bigger than expected trump win will happen particularly after the dnc when you saw that the democrats refused to denounce the violence and the rioting that's going on around the country. let's take a listen to newt gingrich, and then we'll get your reaction. >> so you're not predicting a landslide trump victory -- >> i'm pricking it'll be a dramatically bigger victory than people current arely expect. you see it beginning to build now. >> you do? >> there's a poll in minnesota that shows him tied with biden -- >> yep. >> we don't have to make stuff up. we don't have to invent some post office phony scandal, we just have to tell the truth about how radical these e people
5:36 am
are, rioting every day for 90 days. that begins to be a fact. and it was very interesting to me that neither biden nor harris was willing to say a word about antifa, a word about a level of crime. jedediah: do you agree with newt's prediction on a trump victory? >> 100%. and it does look a lot like 2016 except i think it's going to be more subtle, but it's going to be more dramatic. and i say that because in 2016 all the people who lived in the bubbles of d.c., new york, silicon valley and hollywood just never saw this coming. but if you had gone out to waffle houses and places, you know, in the rural south and across the midwest, what you would have heard was a very deferent story. and one thing -- different story. and normally when a party has a convention, they get a nice little bump in the polls. this time there was a bump in the polls after the dnc, but it was a bump for trump. and as a result, donald trump's
5:37 am
numbers went up, not joe biden's. that's very significant. and the enthusiasm gap. i don't know of many people who are really gung ho for joe. they just don't like donald trump, and we get that. but when i it gets down to voting, people are going to have to ask themselves do i want higher taxes, do i want a green new deal that triples my energy bill? do i really want open borders and riots and looting that are defended by public officials who won't do a doggone thing to stop it except if it's on their own block like in chicago? people start asking those hard questions, and i honestly don't think a lot of them will have of a choice except for the ones who just cannot stand donald trump and wouldn't vote for him no matter what, and then there are the people who are going to vote for him no matter what. but there are a lot of americans who are going to vote for their country, their children, their futures, their neighborhoods, their safety, security and pocketbooks. pete: a little birdie tells me you're turning 65 tomorrow, it's
5:38 am
your birthday -- >> yeah. pete: happy birthday. when you blow out -- that's a lot of candles. when you close your eyes and make a wish, what does governor huckabee wish for? >> gee. i just wish that my candles don't create another california wildfire like those that are going on out there, because those are serious enough. but i do want you to know, be prepared because tomorrow the banks, the post offices, all government buildings will be closed in honor of my 65th birthday because i'm going on medicare tomorrow. [laughter] i think the whole world needs to shut down, pay attention and, you know, big salute. pete: i'll do it for you with. i'm not going to the post office. [laughter] congratulations. jedediah: governor huckabee, yes. thanks for joining us, and happy birthday to you again. >> thank you. pete: years well spent. jedediah: we are going the turn now to some headlines for you with. house democrats calling on president trump to give temporary protected status to hebb news nationals who are --
5:39 am
lebanese nationals. the group calling on the president after the deadly explosion in beirut writing in part: it is clear that lebanon is not in a position to safely accept the return of its citizens at this time. the blast killed more than 180 people earlier this month and left ten of thousands without homes. and a new york court blocking a couple from saying i do this weekend. pamela and joe were set to have their wedding with 175 guests. the couple sued the state saying governor andrew cuomo's order limiting social gatherings to 50 people was with unfairly applied. they claim it violates their constitutional right to have a religious ceremony. but a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the state, allowing them to stop weddings with more than 50 guests. and nearly 35,000 mail-in ballots are rejected in maryland's first vote-by-mail primary. that's more than 2% of all the
5:40 am
votes. state officials say the ballots were rejected for either being mailed too late or because voters didn't sign the envelope. the rejected ballots did not affect the outcome of any races. after months of delay, the inn -- indy 500 will finally race today without fans in the stands because of the pandemic. but one fan will be watching in person from a tree. he paid $400 to build a 40-foot platform to watch the race after his hot air balloon idea fell through. now, that is some commitment to watching a race, guys. will: built a a tree stand or rented a tree stand? which, by the way, to look over the race track? pete: it reminds me of the outfield of wrigley field where you can sit outside the stadium to watch the game. a little cheaper this way. will: i think so.
5:41 am
pete: all right, rick, you're on to actual serious topics, tropical storms, two of them, or headed our way. rick: remember last week when i said in about seven days i think we're going to start to see a lot of activity dropically? it's here, guys. so we have two storms, both of them probably impacting louisiana, maybe east texas. this one is marco, a 70 mile-an-hour storm. a hurricane on the louisiana coast in the morning, tomorrow morning, so within 24 hours. you don't have much time to prepare right there. it'll continue to pull north and likely becoming a hurricane. this right here is lauer a rah, and it's hot on the tracks. it's way further towards parts of the caribbean right now. it's over haiti, it's going to track over cuba. so a lot of land interaction, but eventually are it gets back over the water and then will probably strengthen pretty quickly, in fact, the official forecast brings it to a cat 2 storm. a lot of uncertainty, guys, in this forecast. we're going to watch this
5:42 am
closely, but if you're in louisiana or east texas, a two-storm punch coming up this week. guys? will: rick, really appreciate it. aoc is dissing her fellow democrats, slamming them for targeting, quote-unquote, white moderates during the dnc. david webb joins us with his take next. ♪ ♪ try wayfair. you got this!
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♪ ♪ will: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez criticizing the democratic national convention for not being progressive enough. the far-left dem account accurate posting on instagram the target audience of this convention was white moderates who aren't sure who they're voting for in november. here to react, fox news contributor david webb. good morning to you. you know, david, i don't remember an election cycle where
5:46 am
adjectives have been so important as to who we are, who is voting. is this a mistake by democrats, the lean so heavily into, quote-unquote, white moderates and that form of criticism, of defining us by our adjectives? >> well, will, isn't amazing whenever we talk about the amazing, it's not new, it's their history. it's always about some definition, be it your color of your skin, your age, your gender, whatever the case may be. and if you think about it, this is what they do have to do as a party because they've lost those centrist americans, those moderates, those independents. they've gone heavily radical when you look at a bernie sanders who says my ideas that were once considered radical are now mainstream in the party. so bernie sanders and ark oc and the -- aoc and the rest to have squad and others are leading the new radical left. they're just a lot more open about it, a lot more honest
5:47 am
about it to the american people. wisconsin will but, david, do you think a aoc's criticism of biden in particular is right or wrong? was biden trying to pivot to a more moderate message? >> biden may try to pivot, you know, launching his campaign and saying i'm the most progressive in the race. the fact is he is merely a pawn for the left, and aoc knows this. they have his agenda. they have kamala harris, who is a radical leftist, running with him. there's no doubt about it when you look at her policies. i know will say, david, you're way out there, but look at her policies, look what she has advocated for, watch her senate speeches when she's on the floor. you will see where she stands. so if democrats come across as moderates, it's because they're lie are to you about their -- lying to you about their policy agenda. the green new deal, killing fossil fuels, killing jobs, the way they want to spend more money $50 trillion plus, because
5:48 am
you have all their plans when you add up the cost, and where do they get the money from? not the rich in america, but they get it from every american. and when you look at american cities, will, like new york, portland, seattle, chicago, baltimore and other cities around the country, you see liberal progressive policies which are now basically under bernie sanders', quote, democratic socialism, a 21st century form of communism that they're going to push america closer to. >> well, david, one thing that came out of the democratic national convention was this idea that the tone took on a little bit of pessimism. there is reason for that in america right now. how do republicans respond to that at the republican national convention this week in how do the they respond to the condition of the country? >> my first piece of advice, and i've given this to all of them on air and off air and privately, be live. don't be canned like the democrat. second, and the vice president and i talked about this on friday on my show, he talked
5:49 am
about a time for choosing, a clear vision of a pathway forward to america. he'll present that in his speech. ronna mcdaniel and the rest of the speakers plan to present the options that face you as americans. you choose a path with freedom, yes, and freedom has risks, and freedom also has rewards. what america do you want going forward. the americans need to deliver on that -- the republicans need to deliver on that promise and look at -- will: thank you, david. i think we lost your shot there for a moment, but host of the david webb show and fox news contributor, it's good to see you again. coming up, hollywood making a comeback. with theaters starting to reopen, the first major films getting released, but can they awe tract movie goers? inning -- attract movie goers. can they -- we'll talk to a movie critic coming up.
5:50 am
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♪ ♪ >> bring your a game. 'cuz you're gonna need it. pete: russell crowe's latest movie unhinged opening this weekend. will: the first major movie release since the start of the pandemic, but will it draw movie goers into theaters? jedediah: here to discuss is mike sargent. this is a fascinating topic because movie theaters were suffering even before the pandemic, then it hit and really, really traumatic for their industry. so will this movie, unhinged, draw people to the theater right now?
5:54 am
>> well, i think it will. i think there are people who are dying to get out, dying to go to the movie theater, are that experience. i think we've all sat at home in our living rooms watching movies streaming for a long time, and i think this is the kind of movie that plays best with the crowd. now, how big those crowds will be and whether this will safe the movie -- save the movie industry, i think that's something else. pete: can the industry do special things to entice people back? amc trying to get people back with tickets that just cost 15 cents. apparently, those are sold out, they're going to up the prices after that. but, i mean, what can they do besides put a quality product on the screen? >> well, i think they're doing it. i think the whole idea here is you've kind of got to dip your foot in the soup here, in the bath just to see how hot it is. and i think everybody going and buying all these 15 cent tickets, even some of them for old movies, you know? empire strikes back was playing.
5:55 am
i think it's just the whole idea of that experience. i mean, going to a movie is a communal experience. watching a movie at home, you think about your most memorable movie experiences, it's not when you're sitting at home watching a movie, it's generally with an a audience. so i think right now with the economy being what it is and people unsure of the future, a cheap movie ticket, i think, is a very enticing thing. will: you know, mike, i spent much of the last couple of months in quarantine in tennessee. my nephews went to the drive-in movie theater. wal-mart has recognized it, converting many of its parking lots into drive-in theaters. do you think this is momentary or are they on their way back? >> i think that they're on their way back. if you go to the wal-mart drive-in sites, every single screening at every single
5:56 am
theater sold out until october. this program ends in october. so i think, yes, i think there are a lot of people, you know, myself included, i can remember vaguely when i was a cud e going to a drive-in, but i think a lot of people would love the that, i appearance of going to a drive-in movie. and, again, something that's been missing from our lives is socializing. so a new way of socializing, i mean, drive-ins lasted a really long time in this country, so, yeah, i think, i think they're definitely making their a way back. will: drive-in movie theaters. you don't stream, you don't sit at home, you get in your car -- pete: i knew wal-mart did a lot of things, i didn't see the drive-in movie theater coming. i really didn't. >> the most surprising thing to me is that everybody -- you have to have an fm radio. wow, i didn't know people still -- pete: to hear the audio for the movie. [laughter] thank you very much. jedediah: thanks so much, mike. appreciate it. i love me a drive-in. just a side note.
5:57 am
coming up, outraged new yorkers want to defund de blasio while some businesses are threatening to sue the mayor to bring back indoor dining. more on the growing tension at the top of the hour. ♪ ng my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. ... , back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home. find your nunormal with nucala.
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>> ♪ let's get it started hot, let's get it started here ♪ pete: that's the freedom tower right here in new york city, 1,776 feet tall, and rightfully so. and will has started a new tradition on this show for the fourth hour, you just put them off right here because it's the fourth hour of the show if you haven't been with us for all four hours, you missed the first three-quarters. whatever hand you want to use. jedediah: i have a pen in my right hand. pete: [laughter]
6:01 am
will: the freedom tower you're talking about how fatality is 1,770 some odd feet is a standing monument to resilience. absolutely a standing monument to coming back from being knocked down. pete: no doubt about that. today, on a lighter note also is also national sponge cake day. i don't know the last time anybody has had that. dave have you had sponge cake? >> not in years. jedediah: i don't think i've ever had a sponge cake and i don't even know what it is. pete: i'm told a twinkie might count so the answer is maybe. paging my grandma, i need a sponge cake. all right, sorry go ahead, jed. jedediah: all right, so, we're beginning today possible uncovering extensively the dnc, we're heading into a big week with the rnc, we also have trump speaking today at 6:00 p.m., with some new information regarding a potential breakthrough with covid-19, which we will bring to you
6:02 am
obviously tune into the fox news channel for the latest on that but what we're starting with this hour is the house, which held a rare saturday session to pass a $25 billion usps funding bill. now president trump weighed in earlier via tweet on this and said the following. so now the democrats are using mail drop boxes which are a voter security disaster among other things they make it possible for a person to vote multiple times, also who controls them? are they placed in republican or democrat areas? they are not covid-sanitized. a big fraud so obviously, the post office has become an issue of controversy not many of us saw that coming the post office had financial trouble in the past, some trouble with reform in the past. its just become a hot button election issue because nancy pelosi decided that she wanted to make it one. she wanted to blame president trump for compromising the election somehow that is why i believe she held that vote which is utterly ridiculous it's
6:03 am
dead on arrival in the senate the president already threatened to veto but this is politics as usual i hope the public will recognize . it's not having anything to do with the post office but being all about the election politics. will: this story has become increasingly convoluted. it's starting to resemble the russia collusion story that drove the news cycle for years, quite honestly. pete i've tried to look through this at every single occasion. here seem to be the facts of the matter when it comes to usps there's plenty of money to get them through this election cycle and plenty of capacity, the number of parcels updrafts is handling is down from years past, they are used to handling big bulk mail coming at one-time i introduce you to christmas, however they do have to pay attention, republicans do have to pay attention to appearances and the postmaster general has shown and said it's true we will put off any streamlining until after the election. to avoid any appearance of in propriety. we talked and i asked, congressman doug collins about that a little bit earlier, here was his response.
6:04 am
>> the reality to many people and the perception being generated by the democrats were is that there was this massive collusion among the post master general and others to throw the election. that's the person as we're coming into this is theres nothing being taken off line. go deeper here. they are talking about taking sorting machines off line, closing, taking mailboxes and moving them. some of the pictures that were used about mailboxes being taken off line were from years ago, and they were reusing them to show that something was happening now. i believe that we need to take the fear out of it but they are using the postal service just like the russia impeachment to get at this president. pete: ultimately will you talk about the facts that came out of a very real concern that if you push mail ballots out in the mail to people as opposed to them requesting them you could have problems. if you don't know what the chain of custody is of that mail, you could have problems. if mail is delivered late and counted later in swing states, you don't have an election decision right away but you talk about the facts. i think i cracked the code
6:05 am
earlier on the postal service. see here is what it is. russia infiltrated the u.s. postal service via the dnc server in hillary's home and it never made it to ukraine and it's all steve bannon and carter page's fault. at the end of the day, you weave it altogether and it really make sense, jed. jedediah: i thought it was your fault, pete. pete: oh, well that too, throw that in there. jedediah: we have a big news day happening today, president trump like i said is set to kickoff a busy week by announcing a major therapeutic breakthrough against covid-19 at the white house later today i believe at 6:00 p.m. just one day before the president heads to charlotte for the start of the republican convention, lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington with new reaction from joe biden this morning lucas what do you have? >> that's right, gong an unprecedented move, president trump plans to speak on all four
6:06 am
nights of the gop convention and as you know joe biden spoke to abc about his fitness for office. >> watch me. mr. president, watch me. look at us both, what we say, what we do, what we control, what we know, what kind o of shape we're in, come on. look. i think that it's a legitimate question to ask anybody over 70 years old whether or not they're fit and whether they're ready. >> reporter: president trump also spoke to our own steve hilton ahead of the gop convention. >> the commentary on the democratic convention is it was very negative, right? very much. president trump: it was dark. i agree. >> what are we going to see from your party next week? president trump: well i think we'll see something very uplift ing and positive. that's what i'd like it to be. >> reporter: and as you mentioned president trump's press sec says the president has a major announcement on a coronavirus breakthrough tonight at 6:00 p.m. we'll be watching that this
6:07 am
evening as well as all of his primetime addresses at the gop convention, guys. will: thank you, lucas i hope that positive it coming from the republican national convention not just focuses on our current status in america meaning coronavirus racial division, riots but also as we talked about throughout the morning, our founding values , those that i believe will deliver us from our trouble s, are not at the core of the indictment of our troubles. pete: great point. and the other debate we're having and you see it in contrast between a virtual convention in milwaukee, where no one went to milwaukee including the nominee himself and a physical convention where the president will be there or closing and opening or giving people choice versus national mask mandates. you're seeing it here in new york city. mayor deblasio, it's hard to even, you know, what's the other word for it, his owner? it's a nickname. there's nicknames for mayors. he was asked about because right now dining is not open in new
6:08 am
york city even though it's open in long island, even though it's open elsewhere, here is what he said about his plan for indoor dining. >> indoor dining is not a plan right now. there's not a context for indoor dining. we're never saying it's impossible but we do not based on what we seen around the world , we do not have a plan for reopening indoor dining in the near term. jedediah: yeah so that's unbelievable and that's typical deblasio if you live in new york and we've been under his leadership for a long time this is him on every important issue of the day and you have restaurant owners in new york city losing their minds they lost a ton of money with winter coming outdoor dining just isn't enough to sustain their businesses as many have already lost businesses. earlier in the show i spoke with a staten island restaurant owner and he talked about how this is destroying not only his restaurants and the others that he owns but the industry at large. take a listen to what he had to say. >> that is probably the worst
6:09 am
thing a mayor can say. once the administration and deblasio and cuomo stating what they said thinking of not reopening us and might even just shut us down again, it will defer as tate us. we're not going to survive the year for sure. if that happens, very few of us will be able to survive that. we barely survive march, april, and may and now we're surviving because of the outdoor, and that's how we come up with the only resort will be some sort of get altogether and ban as many restaurants together as possible. will: shutdowns are not going to be something that delivers the american public from what it finds itself in today, unfortunately joe biden has begun to echo that sentiment when enacted here in new york city by mayor deblasio but not limited new york city. also new jersey as well and earlier pete spoke to gym owners the atilis gym in new jersey who partnered up with republican senate candidate to avoid the shutdowns imposed there in new jersey.
6:10 am
listen to this. >> when we started this , we took a stand for our constitutional rights, and for the rights of all small business owners throughout the country, and it wasn't intended to become political. it turned political, and that was because of governor murphy's actions, so now we made it political just as much as he has >> i stand here with ian and frank, because for me it was time to put policy over politics i'm really tired of this one- sided control that the governor has. we flattened the curve and they keep moving the goal post. governor murphy turned this into a political chess game and so what we said is checkmate governor. pete: it's right, atilis gym is a head quarters for the senate campaign and saying if you shut it down you're shutting down a campaign headquarters upping the ante yet again guys they pointed out they've had 25,000 customers come to that gym, not a single covid case because they followed proper guidelines in doing so. they just want the same respect that other businesses are
6:11 am
getting and talk about a lack of respect, will, governor, or mayor deblasio has no plan? i mean even if you and i were going to play lebron james in two on two we would have a plan. like i don't know, step back make them beat us with threes or something. he's got no plan. sorry business owners, nothing. no hope. will: i know you played at princeton and i know you have some game but it better be a lot better than what i anticipate for us to take on lebron. pete: i didn't say it was a good plan. just a plan. that's all owners want. their lives are being crushed. their businesses gone and he says no plan. will: i don't think shutdowns are a plan. jedediah: no one is surprised. but stop it's like memo to everyone. stop electing these people, because this is just i feel like it's like i'm on a terrible rerun that i don't want to watch anymore. stop electing people. we've seen enough of deblasio. don't elect someone who mirrors his exact policy and rhetoric because you never know when a
6:12 am
crisis will strike and you can't have these people in positions of power it's too risky. pete: will you have to guard lebron. will: doesn't matter either way pete to be honest. a few more headlines starting with a fox news alert. rioters clashing with officers in denver smashing windows and throwing rocks and fireworks at police, at least one officer is hurt. similar scene in portland as protesters torched american flags and also threw rocks and bottles at police officers. the portland truck driver attacked by an angry mob, well he was slamming rioters on fox news last night. >> i thought that's what they were down there trying to fight was this kind of behavior towards them but they're exhibiting the same behavior that they're trying to stop. will: police arrested and charged a man in the attack. president trump issuing a disaster declaration in california, as the state battles two of the biggest wildfires in history. the lnu andscu lightning complex fires burning more than 600,000-acres at least six
6:13 am
people have died. nearly 14,000 firefighters are battling the fires and at least 10 states sending help to firefighters had to be airlifted to safety after they were surrounded by flames. helmet camera footage showing the fire approaching as the men dangle from the chopper. take a look at this a bear wanders inside a california grocery store and snacks on some chips. a customer recorded the video saying they almost walked right into the massive animal. the bear eventually left the store, he didn't pay for his chips. pete: [laughter] will: bears don't have to pay. pete: that was in the prompter. you had to read it. will: is that a black bear or a grizzly bear? that looks like a grizzly. pete: don't want that as a pet. please tell me. jedediah: they're hungry. pete: please tell me you reject that as a pet. jedediah: no i can put the grizzly next to the panda bear. i have plenty of room now. just saying. pete: and we'll have a new host next weekend because you won't
6:14 am
be alive. still ahead the rnc starts tomorrow and among the featured speakers will be a father of one of the victims of the parkland shooting, serious stuff. he joins us with a look into his message to americans, that's next. >> tech: when you've got auto glass damage... ...safelite can come to you. >> tech: and you'll get a text when we're on our way. >> tech: just leave your keys on the dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. shingrix protects. pete: the republican national convention kicks off tomorrow as you know. among the featured speakers is the father of meadow polloch, one of the students killed in the parkland florida school massacre in 2018. meadows dad andrew is the founder of school safety grant and joins us now with what we can expect. thank you so much for being here , andrew. it's an honor to have you and if you would, share what your message will be on this biggest of stages? >> sure, good morning, pete, and i'm honored to be able to speak at it and give my very important message that teachers and students be a lot safer with
6:18 am
the president trump for another four years. a lot of people don't realize that biden, the obama-biden administration introduced restorative justice programs into the public schools which led and was pioneered in broward county which led to my daughter getting murdered, and president trump rescinded them with his, in his school safety commission, and that meant the world to me. rescinding those policies, and if biden gets elected in his unity platform, he's promising to force them into the public schools again. pete: break that down a little bit. what is that restorative justice policy? for instance in broward county, students were allowed three to four misdemeanors per school year, without ever getting introduced to law enforcement, so they could assault a teacher, another student, rob an iphone, steal drug, and they would put them in a so-called healing circle and they thought that be , that would benefit students , which it really does
6:19 am
the opposite. it sets them up for failure and it lets them slip through the cracks and that's what happened in parkland and if biden gets elected, he wants to introduce those policies throughout the public school system in the country. also, pete, democrats want to remove police officers from public schools, which is ludacris to me. under president trump, that won't happen, and i'm always here to support law enforcement when they need us most and that's right now. pete: well they've also democrat s have also vowed since that shooting and others to takeaway the right to bear arms of law-abiding citizens in this country as well. what's your stance on that, specifically as it pertains to schools and to school safety? >> sure, the second amendment means more to me now than it ever has. my daughter was in that school, hundreds of calls to 911, and no one came into save my daughter that day, pete and she was shot
6:20 am
nine times, so for me it's more important than anything to be able to defend my family and my friends if something ever happened. it's very important that teacher s or police officers are there to defend our students if something like that happens and through my school safety grant, i want to help any law enforcement agency out there. all they have to do is go on to where we'll give them the tools to respond to an active shooter. so we need to support law enforcement. we need to support the president now, in these times of defunding the police, and these restorative justice programs. pete: sometimes you don't even think about how that idea of de funding the police is going all the way into the classroom, which changes the lives of young people, andrew, thank you so much for your courage, for being so articulate and for really continuing a memory of your daughter meadow who we remember today thank you so much. >> thanks, pete.
6:21 am
pete: god bless good luck on that speech. cities across america taking action to speak of that dismantling police departments threatening hundreds of law enforcement jobs our next guest is welcoming those officers with open arms. the houston police chief joins us, next. >> ♪ ♪ hike!
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touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. will: welcome back time for headlines and a look at the week a henned. tomorrow postmaster general lewis dejoy will testify in front of the house oversight committee and is expected to be grilled by democrats over his
6:25 am
proposed changes to the post office which he suspended last week, after public perception and backlash. then on wednesday, united launch alliance is scheduled to launch its rocket from cape canaveral. it will bring a school bus-size spy satellite into orbit gland we're telling everybody about our spy satellite. >> [laughter] pete: strikes me as odd, but it's the eighth time the rocket has been used for this kind of mission. and finally on thursday, president trump will give his rnc acceptance speech from the white house south lawn. he will be the first president to accept his nomination at the white house, since fdr in 1940. jed, will, over to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. texas governor greg abbott warning against the city of austin's move to slash police funding by $150 million. >> when crime is on the rise, the last thing that we should do
6:26 am
is to defund law enforcement, and yet that is exactly what the city of austin did. will: now that's a stark contrast from houston, texas, where the city council's voted to boost the police budget by $20 million and houston police chief art acevido is urging officers from defunded police departments to come to houston and he joins us now. chief this is an interesting tactic it's a zig to everyone else's stag it's innovating by cities like austin are cutting budgets. you're seeing opportunities to hire new officers? >> we're fortunate we have a mayor and a council and this big metropolitan called houston that understands our community don't want less policing or don't want to defund the police and want better policing and good cops so absolutely when you see it's challenging to actually go out and get folks to join the policing ranks today if good officers want to come here and serve this great city that we're
6:27 am
hiring, we have 400 positions thanks to our mayor and council and we looking forward to finding good people. jedediah: chief so how does that work in terms of getting into the program and getting certified to serving houston for these cops that have been in these horrifically defunded police departments around the country? >> yeah, for a lateral class we're putting together two lateral classes and if you have three years of honorable service with a good service record and you want to come here and sit in a six-month academy, it's a 10- week academy and then put them in field training and make sure that they subscribe to the values of our city and our department and we put them to serve. i've done this before in austin, i've done it once here in houston. houston is i think one of the cities that we're hopeful that we'll get good folks to come help us serve here in this big place. will: now chief while the defund the police movement or in extreme cases the abolish the police movement is clearly the wrong path forward, there
6:28 am
are many in the citizens and with law enforcement that don't just want more officers but better officers. how do you ensure you're not just hiring more but better officers with accelerated training? >> well you know, the hiring process is critical, the training process is critical and also the policies and procedures and the training in our departments are critical. i love police officers. i've been one for 34 years but i can be tough on them and you'll see out there in social media, they will tell you this is a chief that if you're going to come here to do the right thing, follow the training that's provided and actually treat people the way you'd want to treat your own family be treated by the police, then you're coming to the right place but if you want to be one of the i call them the bushels of apples of bad cops because there's more than just a few bad cops don't come to houston because our community and our officers, you know, typically homegrown department, so it's a matter of doing everything you can to have the right people in place, the right leadership in place
6:29 am
and the right policies and right training in place and ultimately the right relationship with the community that you serve. jedediah: well chief i think you're doing an incredible job at a time when police officers have been disrespected so much around this nation fantastic and good on you for inviting them to come to houston to do the job to serve the great state of texas thanks for being here we appreciate it. will: thanks, chief. thank you have a great day. jedediah: you too. the spotlight is on republicans this week, as a party gears up for the rnc so how is the gop planning to upstage democrats? we're going to ask trump 2020 campaign national press secretary hogan gidley, don't miss it next. >> ♪ us a song you're the piano man, sing us a song tonight, well we're all in the mood for a melody, you've got us feeling all right ♪ ♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese
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6:34 am
ed let's bring in hogan gidley national press sec for the trump 2020 campaign a very busy man right now, hogan, you know, give us a sense, now there's some reports a couple of apprentice producers might be involved, we can always expect the unexpected when it comes to the disruptor in chief, president trump. he does think things his own way what are some wrinkles or things that will look different than the dnc? >> well first of all the overall theme is going to be a whole lot different. the democrats we saw for the last several days have been talking about how horrible america is, that we are inherent ly evil and the cause of the world's problems, and that's just not the way we see america. it's the greatest idea ever realized and the president is going to talk about how this is the land of opportunity, the land of heros and promise and greatness. i'm down here in georgia and i spoke to a group yesterday in savannah and it was a very diverse crowd with a lot of african americans in the back stand up and tell me how do we
6:35 am
fight back on this notion that somehow this country is horrible they said this is the greatest idea on the history, in the history of the world and we want to support not just this president, but we want the message to get out that we appreciate all of the opportunities that this country affords us that we could not get anywhere else that's what you'll see from our convention because there are a lot of people across this country whose lives have been made better because of this president's poll policies because of what america is, and how she is the land of, you know , of hope. it's the beacon of compassion, of strength across this planet and we'll share that are the american people. jedediah: hogan, president trump is to speak today at if 6:00 p.m. today about a breakthrough when it comes to covid-19 and tackling the virus and how it has swept the nation. there has been differences in strategy in terms of the way the president trump and biden
6:36 am
camp have approached it and let's do a refresher on joe biden sat down with respect to a second shutdown he sat down with abc news and he has thoughts and i want to reiterate that and get your reaction. >> if you're sworn in come january and we have coronavirus and the flu combining which many scientists said is a real possibility would you be prepared to shut this country down again? >> i would shut it down and listen to the scientists. i be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. that is the fundamental flaw of this administration is thinking to begin with. in order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed, you have to fix the virus. you have to deal with the virus. jedediah: so he's saying he would shut it down. your reaction? >> that's incredible. he's blaming donald trump for
6:37 am
the woes we see in the economy instead of blaming china can which is where the blame should be placed. they lied about this unprecedented pandemic that swept across the globe and blaming the president for the economy which is absolutely ridiculous. when he knows it's the virus that caused the heartache that we're experiencing now the job numbers but as we begin to rebuild, his response is let's shut it all back down again which would send everyone back into a tailspin and crush the american economy. we saw the last three months more job growth than we've ever seen in the history of this country, and joe biden is talking about shutting the economy back down if he were elected not to mention the fact he had a $4 trillion tax increase on all of those hard working americans? we don't see it that way. this president has listened to the scientists from day one, when he was talking about shutting down flights from china , and from europe, people like joe biden said it was wrong and now we know from all the doctors and experts they
6:38 am
said that move itself saved countless lives, so joe biden just has no credibility on this whatsoever. will: our economic troubles have been caused by a shutdown it seems odd to double down on more shutdowns if needed but hogan you've been involved in campaign s. i would expect this idea of shutdown wouldn't be popular but also that national mask mandates wouldn't be popular but polling suggests americans are open to that kind of idea. so are americans open, you think , to shutdown as well? >> well, look. i think the mask issue has been interesting from day one but to try and say there's a national mask mandate that's just unconstitutional. by the way it should be noted he made that declaration with kamala harris and they weren't wearing masks that's ironic to say the least but he knows there are already 36 states who have mandates in their localities and that's how this thing should be handled at the state level. the federal government has been there to supply billions and billions of pieces of ppe
6:39 am
whether it be gallons or masks or gloves, ventilators as well and we've done a good job getting that, not just ppe but also billions of dollars into the states to try and help them combat this virus but those decisions about masks for example, it's so ridiculous to hear the media try and say they were on borderly with this mask dayton wearing situation. the president himself was talking about wearing masks on march 31. we issued the guidelines on april 3 with the cdc. it was a month and five days later before all the press were actually wearing masks inside the briefing room, but the way they would tell it, it's like they were sipping champaign on new years eve with n-95 mask. they weren't. this president's bold leadership will get us through this virus and out the back side with an incredible humming economy like he built it once, he'll do it again. jedediah: hogan gidley, thank you so much for joining us on this sunday morning as we head into a big week with the rnc. appreciate your insight as always.
6:40 am
thanks so much. jedediah: we'll head over to rick reichmuth who is tracking tropical storms laura and marco. rick what's the latest? rick: well let me just tell you real quickly where we are in hurricane season. you get an idea here is where we are today the bulk of hurricane season still to come and we're already on our 13th named storm this breaks every kind of record for the activity that we're see ing and we expect to see that continue. all the water temperature, anywhere across the gulf of mexico, and across the atlantic basin is above average in its temperatures, it's just one of the reasons why they are seeing such activity but this is marco, that is laura and they are coming from different directions so they won't impact each other as far as strengthening of the storm which is not good news what will happen is we're talking about two different storms about a day and a half to two days apart, likely impacting very close to the exact same area. the first one is marco comes onshore some time late tomorrow morning mid-morning through early afternoon likely around
6:41 am
eastern areas of louisiana, maybe possibly over towards parts of mississippi and the second one is laura, and as of now, its forecast to be a category 2 storm, just a little bit up towards the west of that. now these are not exactly where these storms will be. there's a lot of uncertainty in this forecast because it's the two storms that we'll have some sort of interaction at least the wind flow around them with each other, and there are some indications that the second storm could be stronger than this and some models showing a major hurricane so we have very little time to prep for this and if there are bigger impacts from the first storm across louisiana , two days later a second storm you're just trying to get your bearings and clean-up is going to be a big problem. east texas, don't want to make you think this isn't possible for you as well, so east texas, somewhere through louisiana, but at this point it looks like louisiana is our best guess at this point anybody in that entire area, needs to be taken this seriously and watching closely. guys? pete: absolutely. rick, thank you very much. president trump now raising the possibility of decoupling
6:42 am
from china. communist china. so what would the impact be of that? the economic impact, who better than maria bartiromo to break it down for us, coming up next. >> ♪ sweet dreams are made of the years, who am i to disagree, i traveled the world and the seven seas, everybodies' looking for something ♪ these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin,
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6:46 am
height and the number the president said will continue to go down. jed? jedediah: all right, we're going to shift over to another topic, because coming up today on "sunday morning futures", senator lindsey graham and house minority leader kevin mccarthy and there's one topic we can surely expect, china and the threat it poses to the united states as president trump raises the possibility of de coupling. president trump: you're asking a second question would you ever just decouple, not do business with china, because you know we don't have to. it's something that if they don't treat us right i would certainly think. i would certainly think. we would never hear that from joe biden. will: here to discuss "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo. good morning, maria what's your reaction to what you just heard from the president? maria: hey there, guys good morning to you. the president had said this to me as well, he is no bones about it. if china and the communist party continues to behave the way they do, you know, invading others
6:47 am
territory like india, like those islands near japan, the south china sea, like hong kong, then yes, the president could in fact limit the partnership between the two countries. now it's unlikely that we will have a clean break and that the u.s. and china would not be doing some business, because these are the two largest economies, so an absolute de coupling is likely, you know, not in the cards; however the president has said things like that to me as well. he's done with xi-jinping right now. he doesn't want to talk with him or have any relationship because of the way they handled the coronavirus. so not surprised there, and i could tell you this. there's going to be a completely different relationship with china if biden is the president because biden does not have the same issues that the president has. he just has not seen him as the threat they have been. pete: well he's part of the old establishment foreign policy consensus that a peaceful rise of china and trade with them is automatically a good thing which is proven to be completely false
6:48 am
you've done more work on this really anybody you did a great documentary on fox nation about the chinese, economically could we decouple and who be the winner of that decoupling maria: well look these are the two largest economies and it's very difficult to think that we're going to have a complete decoupling because look , the u.s. gets cheap product, because of china, so americans have enjoyed the luxury of having to pay, you know, dirt cheap for certain products that are made in china, so if there was a decoupling it would mean products be more expensive in the u.s. , but the president is not looking at that. he's looking at the overall national security risks and they are severe, because the chinese communist party has a massive espionage campaign and has for decades. we're going to have breaking news today from lindsey graham, he's going to unveil documents not seep before to show the difference of treatment between the trump campaign and the hillary clinton campaign
6:49 am
back in 2016. you'll want to join us for this breaking news in the next hour. pete: you got it we'll be there. jedediah: thanks so much maria, "sunday morning futures" don't miss it we'll be there. jedediah: tomorrow is day one of the rnc but some big changes are coming this year. we are on the ground in charlotte with a look at what republicans are planning, that's next. >> ♪ ♪ from prom dresses... soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together. because missing menb vaccination could mean missing out on a whole lot more. ask your doctor if your teen
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on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. will: final preparations are underway for the republican national convention in charlotte mark meredith is on the ground with a preview. >> pete, jed and will normally
6:53 am
a convention is a chance for a city to showcase what it can offer and get people excited about the upcoming election but this time on the ground in charlotte things look very different and the only thing that you'd notice is that there is a convention is this one right here above the charlotte convention center that says " welcome" compared to what we saw four years ago on the ground in cleveland, ohio things look very different. as you can see there are no crowds, there's nobody selling t-shirts or signs or buttons certainly a different convention than anything we've seen before. the one thing that i have seen that is somewhat normal is the security barriers that have been setup directly across from the convention center. you can see these we've seen them before at high profile events that are pretty common in washington d.c., but certainly secret service as well as local police not taking any chances with the possibility of demonstrators coming out. we do expect a number of high profile republicans to be making their way here for the official nomination on monday, but then most of the events they're taking place during the weekend other locations, mostly in washington d.c., with a lot of people eager to see what will
6:54 am
happen on the ground in charlotte tomorrow. pete, jed and will back to you guys. jedediah: mark meredith thank you so much for that report. we are now going to bring in durham county republican party chairman emmanuel jarvis. welcome to the show obviously a big day tomorrow, as the rnc opens, and its been talked about that the rnc will be a striking contrast to what we saw last week at the dnc. what do you say? >> yeah, i think it is. i mean, participants and organizers in the north carolina republican party work really hard to make sure this week is an extraordinary week for the president and republican s across the country. sadly we're not able to have that but i think our focus now is just making sure that our president has four more years to continue the work he's been working for so i'm excited about that. it just really makes us more focused on the pageant are is great but the bottom line is we need to get our president elected four more years.
6:55 am
pete: you're a gop county chairman in touch with the grassroots, obviously anyone who be hosting a convention be disappointed there isn't the full-on specatacle but what are you hearing from grassroots activists and others about their expectations of the convention and feelings about the president >> well i think the expectation for this week is really showcas ing what's happened off the last four years. i expect our convention to really focus on testimonials. testimonies of people in terms of maybe reducing crime, down in order states where illegal immigration has been curbed because the wall has gone up or testimonials of african americans are receiving grants that don't have to pressure college loans and those are the type of testimonials that i expect and that will differ between the rnc and the dnc. will: emmanuel with all the tension in this country right now, what we hope we can find is a message of unity. coming up can see the rnc
6:56 am
speaker lineup, on your screen also themes, land of hope, land of opportunity, what is that message that can bring us altogether, that message of unity? >> this year has been an incredibly trying year with covid and its isolated a lot of people and the opportunity to understand that we're americans and resilient and regardless of what we go through, we are strong together, black, white, male, female, whether you're rich or you're poor, together we could actually overcome this and come back even stronger than before. pete: that's exactly right that flag over your shoulder is that symbol that should unite us all and i think we'll hear a lot of that at the convention good luck this week, we appreciate it. all right, more fox & friends what'll it be? we don't even know moments away. managing your diabetes can be hard.
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friends we hope, i speak for pete and jed to in joy your sunday with your family, now, jedediah. jedediah: yes happy sunday get out there and do something you love. [laughter] pete: will speaks for me any time. have a great sunday, everybody go to church! maria: welcome good sunday morning everyone i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us straight ahead on "sunday morning futures" one convention down, one to go with now 71 days left until america votes for its next president. the dnc wrapped up on thursday with joe biden officially accepting his party's nomination and tomorrow kicks off the rnc, where donald j. trump will formally become the republican candidate just ahead two of the conventions organizers and key speakers gop house leader kevin mccarthy and south carolina senator tim scott are here with me with an exclusive look at the week ahead and what it will take to set their party up for success in november. we'll also talk to white house


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